Perdue Premium Meat Company’s Sioux Center harvest facility, the Midwest’s premier niche pork processor, celebrated the completion of its $29M expansion. The amenities include state of the art equipment, innovative new case-ready offers, as well as new benefits to support employee well-being and the environment.

“This expansion of the PPMC processing facility builds on our 20-year leadership in the custom pork processing business,” said Senior Vice-President of Perdue Premium Pork Operations, Gary Malenke. “The growth allows for new case-ready production that will allow for exciting new options for our customers looking to have their products stand out on the shelf.”

The PPMC harvest facility is recognized as a leader in the industry. The facility is 100 percent wind powered and uses a closed loop waste water system that is filtered and recycled to provide beneficial nutrients for local farm land. Additionally, the Certified Humane plant prioritizes humane animal care, incorporating several practices that go above and beyond industry standards, including a live video feed that is monitored by a third party.

The plant expansion will allow for the company to not only harvest the livestock, but also break down and package the products so they are case ready, including ground pork, pork chops, and other products. This streamlined process will improve efficiencies and create a simpler process for both the plant and its customers. Additionally, the new plant will have innovative new equipment for case ready products including Dar-Fresh on Board and Tray, a new high-performance package that provides longer shelf life, improved product presentation and recyclable components.

The plant’s improvements will also include enhanced associate safety features and expanded employee wellness programs. These include a new on-site wellness center for associates, a new training center for staff, improved ergonomic equipment and an expanded cafeteria.

Source: Perdue Premium Meats