When it comes to ensuring package seal integrity of flexible packaging, we are always working to improve our acrylic vacuum chambers.

“Many of our design improvements are driven by our customers”, says Tanner Vandenberg, Sales and Marketing Manager for Flexpak Leak Detectors Inc. “Recently that included Extra Large Drain ports on our acrylic vacuum chambers. One of our customers, a dairy processor, requested extra large drain ports on their package leak detectors. The reasons were twofold. First, if a package were to burst, food solids could easily be flushed down the drain and later washed away during a washdown operation. Second, when changing the water, especially on larger tanks, the drain time was significantly reduced. Many industries have foodstuff that can contaminate tank water if a package bursts during a bubble emission test rather than only developing a microleak.”

Applications of the FlexPak Leak Detector are not limited to the dairy packaging or even food packaging industries. Seal integrity tests for medical packaging leak detection, pharmaceutical packaging leak detection, and even industrial parts package leak detection are common applications.

More information can be obtained at www.FlexPakInc.com