Boston-based online platform Meenta Inc. announced the launch of the world’s most comprehensive COVID-19 testing solution. Utilizing the nation’s largest proprietary, digitized network of FDA/EUA-certified labs and testing, Meenta is uniquely positioned to help universities, businesses, agricultural companies, manufacturers, sports, and entertainment organizations seamlessly access these labs, thus eliminating testing supply chain issues and long result wait times. 

“The current misconception is that there are not enough U.S. labs to handle the demand for tests and results, but that’s simply not true,” says Meenta CEO Gabor Bethlendy. “The reality is that testing capacity and supply chains are fragmented and, therefore, lack the digital infrastructure needed by employers to find and book their tests. Overwhelmed labs are a symptom of a larger problem. But we've solved that problem by aggregating and providing over a half-million COVID-19 tests per week."

Meenta’s proprietary, data-driven, surveillance testing model also allows employers to proactively monitor and test a fraction of their staff, resulting in an 80-90 percent savings in testing costs. This preventative tool helps make testing more affordable and efficient for companies of all sizes – saving businesses potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in unanticipated costs.

In addition, the MeentaSafe app and employer dashboard allow companies to safely control work-site entry and re-entry. Meenta’s end-to-end solution helps companies mitigate risks and get employees back to work safely, featuring three critical pillars: a symptom assessment and tracking app; a scientific, data-driven testing model; and a distributed testing platform.

“When we asked universities and business owners to share their biggest concerns about having their employees and students return, they told us that, in addition to the actual testing, it was the coordination and liability that worried them the most,” says Meenta CTO and co-founder Stephan Smith. “Our all-in-one workplace app helps record and visualize symptoms, control work-site re-entry, protect personal health information, and give people authority over their own data. There’s no other product that can do all of this in one elegant and affordable solution.”

The Meenta app also advises the user on how to proceed when symptoms or exposure to COVID-19-positive patients are reported. The app is HIPAA-compliant, meaning that employee/student data is anonymous, safe, and transportable. Equally important, it’s completely compatible with any testing program, making it easy to upload test results from any source.

To support on-site testing, Meenta offers employers and administrators the ability to select the test type (viral and/or antibody) and sample collection kit online and then sends them a Meenta-In-A-Box package. The “box" includes personal protective equipment (PPE), testing kits, and bar codes needed for on-site testing. Meenta also provides medical oversight and provides sample collection services in all 50 states. 

“Meenta’s extraordinary network of labs gives us the ability to conduct on-demand workplace testing and get results back in 24-48 hours rather than several days or weeks," says Tom Pepin, President and CEO, Pepin Distributing Company. “Their return-to-work, data-driven testing platform gives us everything we need to create a safe and controlled workplace environment for our employees.”