Eriez announces powerful and affordable Model U Traps are now available through the company’s Quick Ship stocking program which facilitates faster delivery to customers. Separation Product Manager Chris Ramsdell explains, “When orders are placed, the elements and trap bodies will be quickly assembled and prepared for immediate shipment.”

Eriez Model U Traps utilize a Rare Earth magnet circuit to remove fine and weakly magnetic contamination such as rust, scale and screen wire. These can units remove contamination from difficult-to-flow or chunky products, including vegetables, salsa, meat batters and more.

The special design of the Model U Trap incorporates a gradually tapered transition which gently directs the product over a smooth magnetic surface that does not include any diverters or baffles. “This construction is ideal for applications where finger-style traps may plug from larger products or delicate products could break if forced against a baffle,” says Ramsdell.

The standard Model U Trap features a sanitary design with a Rare Earth magnetic element, 316 stainless steel body and ACME threads. Units install easily into 3 or 4-inch lines. Additional options include stronger and high temperature Rare Earth magnetic circuits as well as ferrule and flanged ports.

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