KnowSeafood is the first online seafood market to offer an array of all-natural, sustainable, fully traceable seafood authenticated by blockchain technology. Every piece of seafood sold—including sushi-grade arctic salmon, Maine lobster tails, and the sweetest scallops from America’s North Atlantic waters—is of the highest quality and can be traced back to its source, guaranteed. 

With two-day delivery, KnowSeafood also makes the ideal last-minute gift for every home chef—which these days means everyone—and checks all the boxes for recipients who care about a number of issues: all-natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives; environmental protection and sustainability; transparent food chains with a direct connection to food producers; and unmatched quality and taste. 

The founders of KnowSeafood are passionate about delivering only the best fish with proven provenance. They work exclusively with fisheries that maintain the highest sustainability standards and are committed to environmental protection. They’ve met the people who catch and handle the fish, they’ve inspected their operations inside and out, and they’ve personally vetted their sustainability practices. Customers and gift recipients can meet the people who catch the fish too—and track exactly how their seafood got from ocean to front door via interactive maps and stories on the KnowSeafood website. 

Innovative blockchain technology underpins this traceability and ensures the entire food chain is fully transparent. Every KnowSeafood supply partner is required to adopt blockchain technology and upload harvesting, processing, and shipping data. The data is immutable and cannot be changed, guaranteeing every detail of when and where the seafood was caught, processed, and shipped is accurately recorded, building trust directly into the food chain.  

This transparent food chain effectively removes the fear of buying “bad” fish—fish that’s been mislabeled, treated with additives, or drained of flavor. One study found more than 20% of the fish sold in grocery stores is mislabeled, often with inferior fish sold as a more expensive species. 

KnowSeafood also ensures all of its seafood is frozen only once when harvesters inspect, grade, prepare, pack their seafood into individual portions and then flash freeze it at -40°c to -80°c, all within hours of being landed. This guarantees exceptional quality and avoids the degradation in flavor and texture that occurs when seafood is iced, thawed, and frozen multiple times (this freeze-thaw cycle is sadly common in the seafood industry). KnowSeafood is thawed just once when it’s safely in the consumer’s home and ready to be cooked. What’s more, KnowSeafood is natural, with no additives or preservatives, and comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.  

KnowSeafood is making a serious commitment to combat climate change with its net-zero carbon emissions cold storage facility in New Bedford, Mass. All product is shipped in Vericool boxes made with 100% compostable insulation and 100% recyclable materials.

KnowSeafood’s innovative use of blockchain technology results in the highest quality seafood for as little as $6.50 per portion. 

Source: KnowSeafood