Global food processing and packaging specialist, tna solutions, is reinforcing its commitment to innovation at PACK EXPO 2021 with a newly expanded solutions portfolio. The show will mark the global launch of the next iteration of the revolutionary tna robag series – aiming to significantly enhance operational efficiencies and increase production up-time. Visitors to the stand will also be able to see live demonstrations of tna’s all-new digitally enhanced customer service offering, as well as explore the benefits of integrating flexible seasoning systems onto packaging lines with the tna intelli-flav 5.1 on-machine seasoning system.  

“The packaged food market has shifted irrevocably over the past year, with consumers switching up their package size preferences and their favorite format to suit their changing lifestyles. This fluctuating demand is directly affecting manufacturers’ packaging lines, with more focus than ever on optimizing efficiencies and increasing production up-time. Since the start of the pandemic, we have taken even more time to connect with our customers, to seek out answers to their challenges and help open up further opportunities,” comments Teri Johnson, Vice President – North America at tna solutions.

Evolving the tna robag series Brand-new for PACK EXPO 2021, tna invites visitors to experience the next stage in the evolution of the tna robag series. The latest iteration of the flagship vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system will be officially unveiled live at this year’s show, with experts on-hand to talk through how its technological developments can help producers improve their ROI. 

Johnson continues, “The theme of this year’s PACK EXPO is innovation, which makes it an ideal platform for launching our new, advanced packaging system. We’re excited to be introducing the next level of VFFS packaging with this installment of the tna robag series – it has the potential to transform lines and save valuable time and costs, which have never been more important to today’s producers.” 

All-new digital revelation  This year’s display will also feature the ‘Blue Room’ – a fully immersive experience where attendees will be able to discover tna’s enhanced digital offering via live demonstrations. 

Johnson continues, “We continue to embrace the innovation theme with our new digital service too – a tool specifically designed to enable food manufacturers to boost production efficiency, improve sustainability and transparency, and ultimately, build a more profitable operation. And with the food manufacturing sector’s digital transformation only just beginning, we’re excited to share this latest product development with our customers and continue to uncover new ways to meet their changing requirements – wherever they are in the world.”

Integrated seasoning systems  Visitors will also be able to explore the benefits of the tna intelli-flav 5.1 on-machine seasoning system. Offering producers the potential for a more recipe-focused approach to flavoring, the hygienically designed solution is capable of handling powder flavorings and liquid oil together in a single drum. Manufacturers will be able to see first-hand how end-to-end solutions can create great-tasting products that meet consumer expectations – while optimizing the whole line performance.  

To find out more about tna’s complete packaging portfolio and the latest addition to the tna robag series, visit PACK EXPO booth #N-24009.

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