Hissho Sushi, a leading sushi distributor in the U.S., is joining forces with Franks RedHot, America’s favorite hot sauce, to unveil a new, never-before-tasted sushi roll – the Franks RedHot Crunchy Buffalo Chicken RollAvailable August 30 at more than 1,000 locations across the country, including grocery stores, hospitals and airports, the inspiration behind the unique roll is America’s love of football and buffalo chicken.

Hissho Sushi, known for delivering exciting flavors and elevated sushi experiences, created the innovative roll to provide consumers with a one-of-a-kind sushi option for tailgating or to enjoy at home. Ideal for both those new to sushi or connoisseurs, the eight-piece flavor-packed Franks RedHot Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Roll takes an iconic American sauce and pairs it with Japanese tradition, and retails for $5.99.

The new roll includes grilled chicken, cream cheese, avocado and crisp carrots rolled into rice and nori and topped with crunchy fried onions. Hissho Sushi’s expert chefs added a finishing drizzle of Frank’s RedHot, Japanese BBQ sauce, spicy mayo and a dusting of Frank’s RedHot seasoning to create the perfect blend of flavor and heat.

“We are thrilled to join forces with such an iconic brand to provide both consumers and retailers with a new innovative sushi option,” said Dan Beem, CEO of Hissho Sushi. “Whether you are new to sushi or a seasoned chopstick veteran, our Frank’s RedHot Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Roll serves the delicious, fiery and flavorful experience your tastebuds are searching for.”

“Our consumers are always telling us they put Frank’s RedHot on everything, so we were excited to try it on sushi,” said Trevor Squires, general manager of McCormick Branded Flavor Solutions for North America.  “Hissho Sushi’s premium, hand-crafted sushi and our rich and spicy Franks RedHot sauce make a fire duo that will entice both sushi and Frank’s lovers alike.”

Source: Hissho Sushi