Technomic recently released the Crisis on the Front Lines Multi Client Study uncovering drivers and deterrents to unit-level employment in the commercial restaurant industry among job seekers and current employees. The strategic study also uncovers strategies and tactics for operators as they navigate staffing locations and positioning their brand as employers of choice.

“Foodservice operators are facing new challenges in connecting with job-seekers while also keeping up with rising consumer demand,” explains Melissa Wilson, advisor at Technomic. “The employment value proposition has changed as a result of the pandemic, and operators will need to adjust hiring and retention strategies to effectively compete for workers in this environment and going forward.”

Key findings:

  • The labor crisis is not a temporary situation
    • Former restaurant employees who left the industry prior to the pandemic, are now in more traditional career-oriented jobs, including office positions (30%) and teaching/education (17%)
  • The employment value proposition has changed
    • 85% cite work-life balance and professional management as the most important factors in a job
  • Independent restaurants are viewed more positively than chains as employers
    • 66% view independent restaurant operators positively as employers vs. 55% who say the same for chains. In fact, 20% say their perceptions of chains as employers are negative or very negative

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Source: Technomic