Carnivore Meat Company, leading manufacturer of freeze-dried and frozen raw pet foods, has been awarded a prestigious Pet Independent Innovation Award for their latest original raw cat food product. The newly-released Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Pork Mini Nibs Cat Food from the Vital Essentials brand has officially been named the 2021 Cat Frozen/Raw Product of the Year.

Presented to those who exemplify leadership and creativity, the Pet Independent Innovation Awards celebrate the best of the pet industry across the globe. 2021 marks the third consecutive year that a Vital Essentials product has been granted the distinction, continuing Carnivore Meat Company’s tradition of pioneering high quality, natural pet food products.

As the most tenured raw pet food manufacturer in the nation, Carnivore Meat Company has produced ultra premium 100% USA made pet foods and treats since their founding in 2012. The whole meat, vital organs and bones in raw pet food represent the most nutritious and natural diet possible for a pet carnivore, and Carnivore Meat Company’s Vital Essentials brand products are made from locally sourced proteins without any artificial ingredients or fillers.

Vital Essentials released a new protein–pork–to their Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Cat Food line in April. This novel protein launched in both Mini Nibs and Dinner Patties to give cat parents more options for their picky or sensitive eaters. Pork is often suggested for cats with sensitive stomachs due to its easy digestibility and high nutritional content, and it now joins chicken, duck, rabbit and turkey as the fifth single source protein option available in the Vital Cat line.

The new Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Pork Mini Nibs represent one out of over 2,000 nominations submitted from around the world to this year’s Pet Independent Innovation Awards. As the pet industry becomes increasingly competitive, so do the awards that highlight the most outstanding products, making Carnivore Meat Company’s three-year achievement even more remarkable.

“We all know cats can be notoriously particular,” says Melissa Olson, Carnivore Meat Company Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’ve been listening to pet parents who requested more options for fussy felines. Cats know what they like, and for many cats, that’s pork! Right now we’re one of the few raw pet food brands to offer pork as a protein source, particularly for cats. We’re proud of our healthy, premium pet food products, and are so honored to receive this award reaffirming that Carnivore Meat Company is an industry leader and innovator.”

The 2021 Pet Independent Innovation Award represents the latest in a growing list of accolades and successes for Carnivore Meat Company.

“We’re truly blessed to receive this honor recognizing our Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Pork Mini Nibs as the Frozen/Raw Cat Food Product of the Year,” says Olson. “This acknowledgement of the quality of our products only furthers our mission to provide the very best diet to pets worldwide.”

Source: Carnivore Meat Co.