Zoetis has announced Synovex One Grower as the new trade name for the long-duration cattle implant producers have known as Synovex One Grass. The name Synovex One Grower represents the newly expanded label for use in both pasture cattle intended for slaughter and also in feedlot cattle, as recently approved by the U.S. inFood and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine.

“This implant is now labeled to provide up to 200 days of increased daily gain in steers and heifers on pasture and in feedyards,” said John Hallberg, DVM, PhD, U.S. director of regulatory affairs, Zoetis. This means that, effective immediately, and until Synovex One Grower is available from animal health product suppliers, cattle producers can use existing packages of Synovex One Grass in feedlot steers and heifers on grass or in the feedlot. 

“The performance benefits of Synovex One long-duration cattle implants have been demonstrated on pasture for up to 200 days since its original approval in 2015,” said Gary Sides, PhD, nutritionist, Beef Strategic Technical Services, Zoetis. “Now, this research-proven implant provides a flexible option, no matter the type of operation—from stockers to feedyards—in steers and in heifers, delivering increased gain and enhancing profitability.” 

Synovex One Grower contains trenbolone acetate and estradiol benzoate, in six small pellets that are coated with a patented sustained-release polymer to extend performance for up to 200 days. This provides up to twice the duration of conventional implants. 

“We know this uniquely formulated long-duration implant has been delivering results safely and effectively for cattle raised on pasture,” Dr. Sides said. “We are excited to offer customers the flexibility to now use it for growth performance in feedlot steers and heifers.” 

Through its Driven to Care long-term sustainability initiative, Zoetis is committed to innovations that can help livestock producers reach their sustainability goals and continue to produce more with less.

“U.S. cattle producers are among the most efficient and productive in the world,” Dr. Sides said. “We are pleased to provide Synovex One Grower and are thrilled to offer another solution producers can use to add value along each step of the beef supply chain.” 

Packaging for Synovex One Grower will replace Synovex One Grass in the marketplace in 2022. The addition of Synovex One Grower expands the implant portfolio options from Zoetis. To learn more about Synovex implants, visit www.NoStressSynovex.com.  

Source: Zoetis