The Norwegian Seafood Council hosted Norway’s new Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre for a tour of New York area seafood markets as part of his first trip to the United States. He was joined by Anne-Kristine Øen, U.S. director for the Norwegian Seafood Council and Alf-Gøran Knutsen, CEO of Kvarøy Arctic, a leading family-owned Norwegian salmon exporter that was recently was named Whole Foods Supplier of the Year.

 n his new role with strong ties to the rapidly growing U.S. seafood industry, Minister Vestre spoke to Norway’s responsibility to promote and pioneer sustainable practices in seafood production, both with regards to wild-caught and farmed fish. He also stressed the desire to promote responsible ocean harvesting and the Norwegian Prime Minister’s commitment to lead a high-level panel for a sustainable ocean economy. 

As an example of the Norwegian seafood industry’s leadership, Minister Vestre highlighted Kvarøy Arctic’s uncompromising focus on health, sustainability, technology, traceability, and transparency. Mr. Knutsen thanked the Minister for the government’s support of the seafood industry. He also highlighted Kvarøy Arctic’s partnership with IBM Food Trust and their blockchain technology. This partnership further enables Kvarøy Arctic to manage the rapidly changing seafood demand shifts with a reliable, safe and sustainable seafood supply. 

The connection between Norway’s commitment to sustainable seafood production and the American consumer was highlighted by Anne-Kristine Øen. Last week, the Coller FAIRR Index showed Norwegian seafood is the most sustainably produced protein. These rankings position Norwegian seafood for growth in both the foodservice and grocery segments.

“Today’s consumer expects their food to be both good for them and good for the planet. These findings showcase Norwegian seafood as the perfect protein for American consumers,” shared Øen.

Source: Norwegian Seafood Council