For many years, the Swiss companies FF Frischfleisch AG and Sempione AG have collaborated, applying two times the passion and know-how for meat processing. They share a common goal of ensuring utmost quality in their products.

With over 300 employees, FF Frischfleisch AG is one of the five largest meat processing companies in Switzerland. As a company, it prides itself on customer satisfaction, quality, and efficiency. Initiative and innovation are two other important components of its business strategy. As such, the company pays careful attention to market trends, making sensible developments to meet the demands of consumers. In 2015, FF Frischfleisch AG celebrated its 50-year anniversary—a testament to its continued innovation and growth, and an outstanding achievement for a meat industry business in such a fast-paced age.

Since its founding in 1880, Sempione AG has evolved from a village butcher to a large-scale enterprise. Over the years, its production facilities have been continuously modernized in keeping with the latest technology and findings. A few years back, Sempione AG contracted Frischfleisch AG to handle all slaughtering operations. Sempione AG now specializes exclusively in the demanding task of processing the meat. Both companies share a passion for technological innovations that make it possible to fulfill the demanding quality standards of certifications such as IFS and FSSC22000.


Complaints are difficult to trace

FF Frischfleisch AG was searching for a way to fully trace 100% of products subject to complaints. Such a solution would require the systematic documentation of production. To achieve this, an x-ray inspection device that centrally stores every single product image (both those with and without contamination) would need to be implemented as a means of ensuring the continuous traceability of meat and sausage products in the event of complaints.


X-ray images are stored alongside production number

In cooperation with Kundert, the Swiss sales partner, Sesotec was able to develop a solution to this challenge onsite. In order to inspect the packaged products during end-of-line inspection, RAYCON EX1 foreign object detection systems were installed. These systems included integrated pushers and Insight.NET software.

Storing each and every product image requires processing extremely large amounts of data. As such, it was necessary to work with Videojet. This made it possible to integrate printers into the inspection line immediately after products left the x-ray machines. These printers tag each package with a line number, date and time. The challenge here was programming the x-ray machine to generate the line number, file the product image accordingly, and transmit this information to the Videojet printer, which must in turn print the correct line number onto the package. These images are automatically deleted or overwritten after a certain period of time following the product’s expiration date has passed.

By reprogramming the equipment settings, the Sesotec team was able to adapt the Insight.NET software and state-of-the-art x-ray technology to achieve complete and continuous traceability for all products. The company’s demanding requirements for detection accuracy could be met immediately: 0.8mm of FE and V2A, and 2.0mm of glass. The x-ray machine’s hygienic design is yet another compelling example of the advantages of systems “Made in Germany.”


Unique, continuous traceability and security in the event of a complaint

With all parties involved committed to ensuring the highest quality of end-products, the project was a complete success. FF Frischfleisch AG, Sempione AG, Sesotec, and Videojet all consulted with one another, exchanging ideas in order to develop an optimal solution together.

The result: professional production with the highest level of certainty that consumers receive only the best quality products. And, in the event of a complaint, the product in question can be traced. For 2022 and 2023, Sempione AGE plans to purchase five additional RAYCON EX1 x-ray systems. At this time, it may also replace older equipment from other manufacturers with new technologies from Sesotec, such as metal detectors with artificial intelligence.

Source: Sesotec