CloverLeaf Animal Welfare Systems is an international consulting, auditing, and certification firm based in the United States that has successfully leveraged different digital and virtual tools to hold conferences and training courses in addition to the Remote Animal Welfare Manager support. The company, which recently welcomed the appointment of its new president and CEO, Jason McAlister, has trained hundreds of technicians, veterinarians, plant and farm personal, and managers in these events across six continents in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

CloverLeaf will again present the Animal Welfare Officer Certification in English on May 3, 2022 before heading to Nigeria in June to as part of an initiative with Professor Oluwaseun Iyasere, and The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) to enhance the development of animal welfare at FUNAAB and across Nigeria, which includes the Animal Welfare Officer training.

"We will present six live online sessions in which we will cover different topics, such as processing plant management, international animal welfare standards and best practices, employee and management training, and discussion on animal welfare program development and compliance," McAlister said in an interview with CarneTec. "We will inform the participating students about the correct way to make a risk assessment on animal welfare and use this information to create a more robust program."

This 12-hour, globally-recognized certification is led by Jason McAlister, an in-demand speaker at global conferences, with his 30-years of industry experience and leadership. Dr. Temple Grandin also participates, bringing her world-renowned expertise and no-nonsense approach to scientific, outcome-based measures. Upon successful completion, a two-year certification is issued.  

CloverLeaf specializes in animal behavior, animal activist preparedness, and response, and the hybrid courses on animal production and management, developed together with veterinarians and animal scientists including Dr. M. Verónica Jiménez Grez, veterinarian and animal welfare and behavior specialist, and Dr. Elein Hernández Trujillo, a veterinarian and professor at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) specializing in Animal Welfare.

CloverLeaf continues to expand its presence domestically and through Latin America, most recently with the Certified Care system certification of the well-known swine production company, Granjas Carrol de México.

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Source: CloverLeaf Animal Welfare Systems