Meat products are naturally at a high risk of containing metal fragments, which is why Fortress Technology has developed the Meat Pump Pipeline Metal Detection System to fulfill the highest standards of the food industry.

The Meat Pump Pipeline is optimized for inspecting high viscosity meats transported through an enclosed pipe. The precision detector utilizes Digital Signal Processing technology with high sensitivity levels to clearly identify the presence of a metal contaminant. Ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel fragments are successfully detected, and when equipped with a reject valve, removed from production.

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A variety of valves, pipe materials, and fittings are available to easily integrate into existing systems; all standing up to high pressure, temperature and washdown environments. Sophisticated data collection and Contact Reporter Software enables quality control in compliance with GFSI/SQF, BRC and HACCP requirements, bringing exceptional detection performance to piped meat application.

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