Sustainability is one of Greenfield Natural Meat Co.’s core business strategies, and it is central to every aspect of the brand’s business — including how the company cares for animals, its employees and the environment.

Seeking to incentivize purchases of its sustainable products along the same lines as the government does by offering rebates for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances or electric vehicles, Greenfield Natural Meat is adding its bacon to the list.

“If rebates are available when purchasing other environmentally responsible products, why shouldn’t the same be true for bacon,” said Kate Beresford, vice president marketing, sustainable meats at Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Greenfield Natural Meat’s parent company.

Under Greenfield Natural Meat’s Bacon Rebate, for every package of bacon purchased, shoppers can receive $2 directly deposited into their bank account by:

  • purchasing Greenfield Natural Meat bacon
  • texting a photo of the receipt to 811811 using the keyword: BACON
  • having the receipt validated and depositing the $2 via a texted Venmo link.

“Our cash-back rebate is a nod to what many other industries are doing when it comes to green purchases,” said Beresford, who is responsible for Greenfield Natural Meat’s sustainable meats portfolios across pork, poultry, prepared meats, fresh value-added poultry and further processed poultry business.

“We know our audience is constantly inundated with sustainability messaging from brands that don’t always back it up,” Beresford said. “Through this campaign, we aim to educate our consumer on what the Greenfield brand is all about and to incentivize them to try our products for themselves.”

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. is a carbon-neutral brand that includes products such as bacon, ham, lunchmeat, hot dogs and bratwurst.

“Consumers are increasingly savvy when choosing sustainable products,” she said. “That’s why we’re committed to being transparent about efforts so consumers can feel confident when choosing our products.”

Greenfield Natural Meat Co.’s new campaign is designed to drive awareness around sustainability and environmentally conscious consumption within the meat industry. Maple Leaf Foods became the world’s first carbon neutral food company in 2019, Beresford said.

 “In 2015, we set a goal to reduce our environmental footprint by 50% by 2025, and we are making meaningful strides toward this goal,” she said.

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. works to avoid and reduce emissions, and to offset unavoidable emissions with verifiable environmental projects throughout North America that bring the company’s net carbon footprint to zero.  

Maple Leaf Foods offers updates on its sustainability progress in an effort to be open with consumers, Beresford said.

The Bacon Rebate offer is valid through Oct. 14, 2022, while supplies last on purchases of 12- to 36-ounce Greenfield bacon products with a limit of one redemption per customer.