Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand’s largest red meat producer and exporter, has announced its first-ever U.S. brand campaign, titled "Delicious Starts Here." The spots, which will run on YouTube and social media, show how the farmers who work with Silver Fern Farms take care of their animals and environment, and how that work doesn’t just help make the world a better place—it produces uniquely delicious meat. They also feature chef and influencer Max Greb, also known as Max The Meat Guy, whose cooking and passion for quality ingredients have attracted 5.1 million followers on TikTok, 3 million on YouTube, and 1.1 million on Instagram.

Animal welfare strategies have a well-established link to producing tastier meat. These traditionally include things like freedom to roam, grass-based farming, and helping cattle live a stress-free life. The Delicious Starts Here campaign shows how Silver Fern Farmers take equal care of the land, planting native trees, encouraging biodiversity, and being mindful of their carbon footprint. All of this hard work— taking equal care of the environment, their livestock, and preserving their land for future generations—contributes to better, more flavorful meat.

“I know meat and this meat is great, its from Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand,” Max Greb says in the spots. Each features him seeking to find out just what makes Silver Fern Farms red meat so good, by speaking with four different Silver Fern Farmers, who show their dedication to craft and the natural beauty of their farming environment. 

The Delicious Starts Here campaign tells this story through a series of video and static formats, including a 4-minute video, 30 second and 10 second videos, as well as digital ads, activated across YouTube, social, and digital. 

There is real demand among consumers for more conscientiously raised livestock. According to a report from research agency Mintel, 60% of red meat eaters aged 18-34 are concerned about the environmental impact of raising cattle, with more than half of that group saying animal welfare concerns impact what products they buy. Finally, a full 83% of consumers would pick a product that is better for the environment, and 70% would pay more for a sustainable products.

This campaign is aimed at these conscious consumers, who love meat but not the emotional baggage that comes with eating it. These consumers are trying to balance their love for food with the desire to do what’s best for the planet and want to make better choices when it comes to food. 

“We want U.S. consumers to see the commitment and passion of our farmers and the management and care they provide at every point of the process. This makes Silver Fern Farms the future of delicious grass-fed sustainable red meat,” said Nicky Cummerfield, head of global marketing for Silver Fern Farms . 

Silver Fern Farms has been a committed red meat exporter to the U.S. for 30 years providing New Zealand-farmed products to individuals, restaurants, distributors, and retailers alike with several product ranges including premium ground beef, beef steaks, lamb, and venison retail packs

Source: Silver Fern Farms