Veal sales during the past three years have failed to capitalize on the overall strong dollar sales growth that products have enjoyed across the meat department.

Veal sales were $54,632,531 in August, according to IRI retail sales data. That represents a -8.1% decrease from a year ago, -4.2% compared with two years ago, and -1.1% compared with three years ago, IRI data finds.

Veal’s price per pound in August was $7.72, up a mere 0.6% from a year ago, up 2.7% from two years ago, and up a modest 4% from pre-pandemic prices of three years ago.

August 2022 sales data shows 7,076,531 pounds of veal sold, down -8.6% compared with a year ago, a higher (and accelerating) rate of sales contraction than even during the previous two years with their pandemic-influenced markets. Pounds sold are down -6.6% compared with two years ago and down -5.1% compared with three years ago.

Current Dollar Sales $54,632,531
Dollar Sales vs. YA -8.1%
Dollar Sales vs. 2 YA -4.1%
Dollar Sales vs. 3 YA -1.1%
Lbs. Sold 7,076,531
Lbs vs. YA -8.6%
Lbs vs. 2 YA -6.6%
Lbs vs. 3 YA -5.1%
Price per Lb. $7.72