Nearly half, 46%, of Europeans are reducing animal meat consumption, with one of the main drivers being to benefit the planet. This reduction is a step forward for the future of the Earth and its inhabitants, since animal products account for 82% of the carbon emissions of European diets. However, as people become more aware of their power to “vote with your fork,” this decline in animal meat consumption primarily focuses on beef, pork and chicken, leaving global fish stocks to continue to plummet each year. In fact, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that 70% of the fish population is already fully exploited or completely depleted. Heura introduces fish successors — sustainable Mediterranean-inspired foods that don’t disrupt the marine ecosystem and have 70% less climate change impact than animal fish.

“Science and data have shown us the importance of keeping marine ecosystems intact, and the best way to do so is to reduce human activity to the minimum,” said Food Activist, CEO and Co-Founder of Heura, Marc Coloma. “As a mission-driven food-tech startup steeped in rich Mediterranean heritage, we recognized the need to introduce fish successors, so people across Europe can continue to enjoy the foods we love, while [minimizing] the negative impact on the planet and animals. The launch of our 100% plant-based fish is our latest step towards Heura’s ambition of creating a [net-positive] food system by accelerating the transition to plant-based protein and offering sought-after foods with a significantly lower CO2 impact that enables a more just food system.”

After more than a year of research and development, Heura introduces two new sustainable plant-based SKUs — F’sh Fillet and F’sh Fingers. Low in saturated fat and rich in high-quality protein, both F’sh Fillet and F’sh Fingers provide 40 milligrams of Omega 3, which supports brain health and vision. F’sh Fillet features a Mediterranean-style batter with a juicy texture, while F’sh Fingers are crunchy.

Heura is the first company to conduct a comparative LCA for a plant-based fish, according to the ISO 14040 standard. Comparative LCAs include a critical review by an external review panel to guarantee accuracy. The study's preliminary results found that Heura’s F’sh Fillet and F’sh Fingers have more than 70% less climate impact than animal fish. This is just the start of Heura’s foray into plant-based fish, with new SKUs slated to add to the collection next year.  

Throughout 2023, Heura will remain laser-focused on building a net-positive food system throughout Europe by accelerating the plant-based protein transition. Solidifying its growth through innovation, the company is filing its first patents, with new technology slated to debut this year. Additionally, new partnerships with major European retailers will be announced in Q1, as well as details on the company’s triple-digit growth.

Source: Heura Foods