Oscar Mayer’s coveted Hotdogger applications are open, giving fans the opportunity to apply for a once-in-a-lifetime job: a one-year, full-time gig behind the wheel of the iconic Wienermobile. Through Jan. 31, recent college graduates have the opportunity to join a long-lasting legacy by becoming a member of the 36th Hotdogger class.

By the end of their service, each Hotdogger has an average of 20,000 miles and 20 states under their belt. Hotdoggers are tasked with driving and maintaining the fleet of six Wienermobiles, creating social content for various brand channels and, together, handing out more than 250,000 Wiener Whistles each year. This group of individuals also gets to make their mark on culture and help share the news of some of Oscar Mayer’s most memorable marketing campaigns, like the Oscar Mayer Cold Dog.

“The Wienermobile is an American icon and one of our brand’s most prized assets, making the Hotdogger role an extremely important job,” said Ed Roland, senior manager of brand communications for Oscar Mayer at The Kraft Heinz Co“From traveling to events across the U.S. to regularly speaking with consumers and media on behalf of the brand, Hotdoggers operate as a marketing firm on wheels, providing invaluable experience to recent graduates, while continuing our mission of uniting millions around a love of meat.”

With only twelve positions, an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger is a highly coveted role. In fact, more than 2,000 people apply every year to join the elite class of Hotdoggers, on average — and less than 1% make the cut. In other words, according to the U.S. News and World report called "What It Takes to Get Into the Ivy League,"  it’s statistically easier to get into an Ivy League University than to be granted acceptance into the Oscar Mayer brand’s class of Hotdoggers.

Here’s what Oscar Mayer is looking for:

  • Recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications or marketing
  • Outgoing, friendly and compassionate, with strong communication skills; a love of hot dog puns preferred
  • Required valid driver’s license, including a favorable driving record
  • Resume and cover letter sent via email or mail by Jan. 31; visit here for more details.

To learn more about Oscar Mayer, the Wienermobile or Hotdoggers, visit OscarMayer.com/Wienermobile or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Oscar Mayer; The Kraft Heinz Co.