Planet Based Foods Global Inc. is announcing that it has reached an agreement with major southwestern grocery retailer Fry's Food and Drug to offer Planet Based Foods' nutrient-rich "superfoods" in select stores.

Fry's is a grocery retail chain based out of Arizona that offers a wide array of products. As of late, Fry's has begun offering more sustainable and health-conscious foods. In total, there are 123 Fry's locations across the state of Arizona.

Planet Based Foods advertises that its products are both good for the consumer and good for the planet, as its products offer a complete source of protein, are rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and essential fatty acids. Planet Based Foods' mandate is to unlock the potential of hemp-based food products. Hemp has been known to regenerate soil, require less water to grow and is a natural repellent to harmful elements, indicating it does not require any pesticides. 

When asked about the new agreement with Fry's, Braelyn Davis, Planet Based Foods CEO and co-founder said, "This is a great opportunity for us as we establish our presence in the American Southwest. We're thrilled that our products are becoming more accessible to [consumers] and appreciate the successful reception of our products on shelves across the [U.S.A.] In 2023, Planet Based Foods will be looking to improve brand recognition as we engage with more grocery stores and supermarket retailers."

Source: Planet Based Foods