Gary’s QuickSteak 100% sirloin beef, chicken or corned beef can go from freezer-to-plate in 3 minutes, serving up hot meals at a value price. Gary’s QuickSteak products are experiencing a rapid increase in popularity across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii in addition to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. 

The number of grocery stores and retailers carrying Gary’s QuickSteak products has increased by 150% over two years, and current projections indicate additional growth of 300% by the middle of 2023, when more than 23,000 stores will carry Gary’s QuickSteak. 

Retail purchases spiked by 121% in 2022, boosted by expanding partnerships with Sam’s Club, Costco and Walmart that project to ensure Gary’s QuickSteak will be available in more than 3,400 Walmart stores in 2023. 

Starting in February, Gary’s QuickSteak is announcing that it will begin providing its frozen meat products to more than 800 Food Lion grocery stores and more than 1,400 Publix Super Markets in the Southeastern United States. In 2023, Gary’s QuickSteak will launch a partnership with 12,000 Dollar General stores and unveil a new single-serve, 4-ounce offering of its 100% sirloin and chicken products to cater to on-the-go consumers with a lower price point and enhanced convenience. 

The Gary’s QuickSteak patented process of slicing and freezing meat creates a high-quality product that cooks in minutes. The versatility, ease-of-use and affordability of the flavorful 100% sirloin, chicken and corned beef has accelerated the company’s performance metrics.

In addition, the Gary’s QuickSteak foodservice division, with over 12,000 distributors and restaurants, recorded a 36% revenue increase in 2022 and projects to expand further in 2023. 

“Gary’s QuickSteak has really taken hold in grocery stores and restaurants, and among chefs and customers — our recent growth is absolutely breathtaking,” said Gary Rohwer, founder and CEO of Gary’s QuickSteak. “Value is a relationship between price and quality. We believe our company’s success can be directly attributed to the unmatched price-quality relationship in our Gary’s QuickSteak frozen meat products.” 

To accommodate the accelerated growth, Gary’s QuickSteak continues to make innovative automation upgrades to its state-of-the-art meat processing facility in Omaha, Nebraska. The expanded production capabilities, made possible by cutting-edge automation and robotics systems, improve food safety measures and production efficiencies without jeopardizing employment opportunities. 

What began as a passion project for Rohwer back in 1978—  to create the world’s best Philly cheesesteak sandwich — has evolved into a coast-to-coast enterprise, with exponentially increasing sales figures, resulting in an unimagined future and promising trajectory for Gary’s QuickSteak. 

“We’ve developed an amazing product that’s growing in popularity,” Rohwer said, “but I’ve always received tremendous gratification[ — ]not from chasing the buck or striving for better sales figures[ — ]but from working with good, passionate people accomplishing individual goals they didn’t think they were capable of achieving while increasing the joys of business success.”

Source: Gary's QuickSteak