Packaging Robotics Live & Local, presented by Packaging World, is launching a regional event series this fall to help manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods solve their labor shortage problem. The event series will feature industry experts sharing best practices and real-world success stories of how robotic automation technologies can be used to optimize packaging operations.

“With labor scarce and unreliable, more brands, CPGs, and contract packagers are turning to packaging automation and robotics. But unless you have the in-house engineering expertise and deep pockets of a major brand owner, capital investment in sophisticated, often high-price-tag robotic equipment can be viewed as a barrier,” said Matt Reynolds, editor, Packaging World.

“Surprisingly or not, robotic packaging automation is a lot easier to justify than you’d expect, and demonstrable ROIs are often fast enough to make upper-level management and procurement folks take note,” Reynolds added. “Learn from experienced packaging robotics integrators, and the major OEMs they work with, how to vault your packaging operations forward in reliability, speed, and repeatability by making a business case that decision makers can’t refuse.”

At each regional event, attendees will get an inside look at the latest robotic technologies from hand-picked suppliers that have experience providing automated solutions for packaging operations. Through case study presentations and interactive panel discussions, attendees will gain a better understanding of how robotics can be used to increase efficiency and reduce costs in their own facilities.

Experts will also be on hand to discuss packaging-specific robotic integration applications such as pick-and-place primary packaging, robotic cartoning and case packing, end-of-line operations like palletizing, and the latest in collaborative robotic options, among other leading-edge applications. They will share best practices for selecting the right robotic automation solution for an operation's specific needs while ensuring both safety standards and ROIs are met.

"The goal of this event series is to provide comprehensive information that helps manufacturers make informed decisions when it comes to integrating robots in their packaging operations. If a good business case can be made, this event should help you make it," said Reynolds. "By attending these events, they'll get a clear picture of what's possible with robotics technology today as well as potential future applications, all the while keeping the bottom line in sight.

Event dates and locations:

Early-bird registration fees for each event start at $75 and increase to $175 on the day of the event.

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are also available.

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Source: PMMI