Isadora is introducing its new line of barbacoa, mole and pork, bringing the taste of México to the table in just two minutes. Isadora is a 100% natural line of Mexican cuisine imported directly from México and packaged in flexible pouches using the latest technologies. The innovative packaging ensures shelf-stability without the need for refrigeration, making these products suitable for on-the-go meals or quick and easy dinners. 

With their new line of ready-to-eat pouches, Isadora is adding to Cinco de Mayo celebrations by making it easy to enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine without spending hours in the kitchen.

Isadora's commitment to unparalleled flavors is evident in every aspect of the products, from the ingredients used to the cooking methods employed. Their website offers a variety of quick and easy recipes for tacos, flautas, tostadas and more, all made with locally sourced ingredients and flavors to ensure a genuinely Mexican culinary experience.  

"We are bringing the passion, creativity, and zest for life reflected by our heritage to every meal," said María José Garza, Isadora brand manager at Verde Valle Food Inc. "We're excited to offer Americans a convenient and delicious way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and enjoy authentic flavors from México anytime, anywhere." 

Serving an appetizer of mini-Mole sliders or pairing Barbacoa enchiladas with Isadora’s 1-minute heat-and-serve beans makes dinner easy. The complete Isadora line is currently available at select retailers throughout the United States, ready to enhance any gathering with the unmistakable flavors from México. For more information on Isadora and its new line of ready-to-eat Mexican food pouches, visit  

Source: Isadora