Stampede Meat Inc. announces a 10-million-pound oven expansion at its DL Lee & Sons Inc. facility. This capacity growth comes on the heels of the partnership with DL Lee, announced earlier this year. That partnership, along with Stampede’s existing capacity, helped name Stampede the largest sous vide cook manufacturer in North America. The expansion will be completed in May. Furthermore, Stampede anticipates additional sous vide growth in their Canadian facility,.

The demand for sous vide meat has continued to grow, in part due to its ability to provide consistency, tenderness, and increased food safety. Whether smoked or sous vide, Stampede takes pride in implementing rigorous safety measures to ensure the protection of their customers, holding to a safety standard warranted by the billions of dollars of customer brand value they service every day. The expansion in Georgia and subsequent planned expansion in Canada later this year will provide ample product capacity to meet current and new customer opportunities they are working on and serve to maintain their position as the largest sous vide supplier.

Stampede recognizes the increased demand for sous vide going forward due to the labor challenges the foodservice industry is facing nationwide.

Brock Furlong, Stampede president & CEO, shared, “Stampede is both proud and humbled by the role we play in our customers’ success. This expansion will enable my Stampede family to better assist our customers as they work to provide more efficient and effective product solutions for their customers.”

Stampede Meat is headquartered in Bridgeview, Ill., with surrounding facilities in Oak Lawn and Bedford Park. These facilities currently produce a wide variety of retail meat and many offerings including chicken, beef, turkey, pork, soups, prepared meals, and alternative proteins for restaurants, top retailers, club stores, foodservice distributors, home delivery customers, military channels, airlines, and other emerging segments.

Source: Stampede Meat Inc.