FFP, a company working in clean-label food and beverage ingredient solutions, recently announced the launch of its new clean-label antimicrobial ingredient, VegStable Secure. It is now possible for brands to naturally protect a variety of foods from pathogens and spoilage by inhibiting the growth of Listeria monocytogenes without compromising functionality or taste. 

Today, most consumers opt for and are willing to pay a premium for food containing simple and natural ingredients. According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) June 2021 survey "From 'Chemical-sounding' to 'Clean': Consumer Perspectives on Food Ingredients," 64% of consumers said they try to choose foods made with clean ingredients, and 71% will pay more for foods and beverages made with ingredients that they recognize and trust. 

“We are thrilled to launch VegStable Secure, FFP’s new and completely natural antimicrobial solution,” said Jason Reicks, vice president of market development, Performance, FFP. “VegStable Secure is a real game-changer for the industry in terms of antimicrobial protection because it helps brands control Listeria monocytogenes, extend shelf life, and keep foods safe and secure — naturally, with the power of plants. Antimicrobials such as sodium acetate, sodium lactate, and nitrates play an essential role in the modern food supply chain to ensure that products stay safe and fresh. However, many of today’s consumers have an increased focus on cleaner labels and are seeking natural alternatives to these common synthetic antimicrobials. VegStable Secure provides the perfect solution to meet clean label demands while improving shelf life, without compromising functionality or taste.” 

VegStable Secure targets Listeria monocytogenes and spoilage bacteria that compromise food integrity. Its simple ingredient statement coupled with a clean flavor profile provides food manufacturers the ability to deliver products with greater consumer appeal. 

With VegStable Secure, formulators can extend the shelf life of a wide range of applications such as deli meats, hams, hot dogs and more — naturally, with the power of plants. Benefits include:

  • Keeping products safe and secure from pathogens and spoilage 
  • Extending shelf life and improving food safety 
  • Providing a clean flavor profile with no sensory impact 
  • Displaying a simple consumer-preferred, USDA-approved ingredient declaration

“Additionally, our natural ingredients are sourced from partners we know and trust so we can ensure the highest quality and safest ingredients possible,” added Reicks. “Our line of VegStable products are minimally processed, all natural ingredients that eliminate the need for synthetic functional ingredients. As longtime experts in delivering naturally delicious ingredient solutions, FFP harnesses the goodness of nature to help our partners meet the rising demands for a cleaner label. From natural cures and a clean label phosphate alternative to natural antioxidants, our team is committed to providing solutions that are real, simple, and better.”

Visit here to learn more about VegStable Secure and how partnering with FFP opens potential for creating a line of all-natural products.

Source: FFP