The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service is seeking suppliers of frozen chicken and turkey to help support the demand for wholesome, high-quality products for use in USDA’s nutrition assistance programs.

Producers of either of these products that are not currently participating as vendors for USDA’s nutrition assistance programs are invited to contact the New Vendor Specialists in AMS’ Commodity Procurement Program at for information about how to become an approved vendor to sell food to USDA. Producers can also find more information by visiting Selling Food to USDA on the AMS website.

AMS regularly purchases a variety of 100% domestically produced and processed commodity food products. These purchases support American agriculture by encouraging consumption of domestically produced foods. The wholesome, high-quality products purchased by USDA — collectively called USDA Foods — are delivered to schools, food banks and households in communities across the country and are a vital component of the nation’s food safety net.

CPP’s recent review of its purchasing activities has shown that additional suppliers are needed to ensure USDA can fully support the demand for these products in the department’s nutrition assistance programs.

Source: USDA's AMS