Plant-based food company Prime Roots is debuting its fully electric Cybertruck, converted into a roving deli on wheels. The brand is embarking on a nationwide sampling tour to hand out 1 million slices of its freshly sliced deli meats. The Cybertruck features a fully refrigerated deli case in the truck bed and ample power for a slicer from which to freshly slice and sample the koji meats.

Prime Roots gave its Instagram, X and Facebook followers the opportunity to name this meat-free mobile through a nationwide naming contest, with a $1,000 cash prize for the winner. The official contest ended April 19, 2024, and the winning name is Montagu. This name was submitted by one of Prime Roots followers and is a reference to John Montagu 4th, Earl of Sandwich, who is known for the claim that he invented the sandwich.

"At Prime Roots, in honor of Earth Month, we are kicking off our initiative to give out a million slices in the most sustainable food tour ever – in an electric-powered deli-mobile," said co-founder and CEO Kimberlie Le.

Prime Roots is kicking off the tour in Oregon starting April 26-28.

Source: Prime Roots