Chicago (March 2, 2009) - Chicago Meat Authority (CMA) is proud to induct 29 new members into the CMA length of service recognition programs known as the Burgundy Circle and Platinum Ring. Members of the Burgundy Circle are celebrating their fifth anniversary with CMA, and members of the Platinum Ring are celebrating 10 years of valued service.

“Our employees are the backbone of our company, whose experience makes CMA Your Authority on Quality Meats,” said Jordan Dorfman, President and CEO of Chicago Meat Authority, “We couldn’t be more proud of our dedicated workforce that have made CMA their home.”

The Burgundy Circle consists of 172 members, over 57% of the workforce and the Platinum Ring includes 53 members making up over 17% of the workforce. Chicago Meat Authority’s quality products are the results from the experience of our hard working staff, something that no machine could duplicate. Besides the “fine craftsmanship” these employees put into their work, they also guide new employees in learning their trade.

Members inducted into the Platinum Ring for 10 years of service:
Manuel Cano
Aide Delgado
Flavio Delgado
Isabel Guzman
Yury Krutikov
Sergio Larios
Enrique Montoya
Manuel Montoya
Irene Ramirez

Members inducted into the Burgundy Circle for 5 years of service:
Javier Arroyo
Lucina Becerril
Trinidad Brito
Jose Carrillo
Modesto Delgado
Eliseo Diaz
Jose Estrada
Rafael Garcia
Cliserio Gonzalez
Elisa Guzman Diaz
Javier Rosales
Alicia Landeros
Daniel Martinez
Andres Morales
Henry Ollie
Usiel Perez
Daniel Rivera
Miguel Rivera-Gallegos
Juan Rodriguez
Dan Wang

Chicago Meat Authority, Inc. is a privately held company, specializing in delivering customized beef and pork value-added products to customers around the world. Established in 1990, the company has enjoyed steady and rapid sales growth in custom processing, food service, retail, and private label markets. CMA has accomplished this growth through its philosophy of listening to and understanding its customers’ needs, producing high quality customized products and creating a workforce dedicated to customer satisfaction.