AUSTIN, Minn. – Hormel Foods Corp. has launched its first Web site dedicated to the company’s Hormel brand at

The site is reportedly designed as an interactive kitchen where consumers have the ability to interact with the Hormel brand. The site provides nutrition and ingredient information as well as a product locator.

“As the largest brand for Hormel Foods, it was necessary to build a Web site for consumers to learn more about Hormel products,” said Scott Weisenbeck, group product manager. “The site is a hub for the beginning of a broader digital strategy.”

Visitors to the site will be reminded of the food and meal solutions Hormel products provide in all areas of the kitchen. The site features a center island and cupboards that open and close along with windows, which show the different times of day and the changing seasons.

"The convenient meals section provides today's time-pressed consumers a variety of meal solutions while showcasing the strength of the Hormel brand for the lunch meal occasion," said Bob Pepper, group product manager.


Source: Hormel Foods Corp.