The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is providing new information on and re-proposing the definition and standard for “roaster” and “roasting chicken.”

FSIS proposed this definition and standard in its September 29, 2003, proposed rule to amend the definitions and standards for the official U.S. classes of poultry.

FSIS has tentatively concluded that a "roaster" or "roasting  chicken" should be defined as a chicken with an ready-to-cook (RTC) carcass weight of  5 pounds or more, based on recent survey information from the Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS). In addition, FSIS has tentatively concluded that RTC carcass weight, instead of average live weight, is necessary in the class standard and definition so that FSIS can verify the appropriate use of the term "roaster" or "roasting chicken" on product labels.

FSIS invites interested persons to submit comments on this proposed rule. Comments must be received on or before August 12, 2009. Comments may be submitted at or sent to Docket Clerk, USDA, FSIS, Room 2 2127 George Washington Carver Center, 5601 Sunnyside Avenue, Beltsville, MD  20705.

All items submitted by mail or electronic mail must include the Agency name and docket number FSIS-2007-0048. Comments received in response to this docket will be made available for public inspection and posted without change, including any personal information, to

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Source: American Meat Institute

Chicago Meat Authority introduced Marinade-on-Demand items

Chicago Meat Authority (CMA) is proud to introduce Marinade on Demand (MOD) product lines. Working in development with Sealed Air's Cryovac Food Solutions, Chicago Meat Authority has developed these new products which combine various marinades and meats in a single package, though they remain in separate pockets until the user is ready to marinate and cook. These new MOD products are made with an innovative two-part thermoformed roll-stock package that separate meat from a marinade creating an easy and sanitary marinating process.

“This has been a great partnership effort in the development of a new and innovative product line that addresses industry concerns and truly meets the needs of the marketplace on so many fronts,” states Chris Marriott, vice president of business development for Chicago Meat Authority.

When the consumer or foodservice operator is ready to marinate, they squeeze the marinade pocket, breaking the seal between the two pockets. Marinade is transferred to the meat side beginning the marinating process that lasts as long as the user desires. These new and innovative products offer food safety benefits with hands-free marinating. They also feature knifeless opening, leak-proof packaging, flexible portion sizes, and restaurant-quality meats with a variety of marinade choices. Currently, Schwan’s Home Delivery Company is stocking two MOD product options: Chimichurri Beef and Herb and Garlic Pork Fillet, both using value cuts of meat.

The CMA Marinade on Demand product line offers a wide range of benefits for the foodservice industry. Keeping the marinade separate from the meat allows the use of functional marinade ingredients such as acids, alcohols and tenderizers that cannot be used in pre-marinated meats because they can affect product texture and flavor over time. MOD products provide food safety benefits with hands-free marinating, reducing the sanitation concerns and labor associated with restaurant batch marination. Direct contact with raw meat is reduced, and employees no longer spend time cleaning large containers used for restaurant batch marination.

Source: Chicago Meat Authority

Wayne Farms serves troops on July 4

For the third year in a row, employees from Wayne Farms LLC spent the July 4 holiday feeding traveling members of the United States military inside the Jean R. Amos USO Center at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The event was the latest installment in an ongoing relationship between the company, the United Service Organizations (USO) and Operation Chefs Unite.

Wayne Farms’ association with the USO started when Wayne Farms Executive Research Chef Caroline Morris, a member of the Georgia chapter of the American Culinary Federation (ACF), learned about an ACF program called “Operation Chefs Unite,” which pairs local chefs with the USO to help cook for traveling troops. Morris brought the program to the attention of others at Wayne Farms, and it has since become a favorite cause of the company with employees serving troops food donated by the company multiple times since 2007.

“It’s been amazing how quickly and enthusiastically employees at our company have adopted this cause,” said Morris. “Members of our armed forces dedicate their lives to keeping our country safe and free, and taking a few hours during a holiday to show how much we appreciate them is something we’re happy to do.”

Food served by Wayne Farms this year included more than 60 pounds of hot wings, chicken roulades and various side items. In addition to Independence Day, Wayne Farms fed troops at the USO on Valentine’s Day earlier this year and plans to do the same this fall on September 11.

Source: Wayne Farms LLC

Les bonnes françaises présentent nouveau thickburger de Hardee's

Hardee’s has introduced a new French Dip Thickburger. The French Dip Thickburger is available at participating Hardee’s beginning today and is a combination of a 100-percent black Angus beef Thickburger patty topped with thinly sliced roast beef and melting Swiss cheese served with a cup of au jus for dipping.

To celebrate this delicious new meat-on-meat creation, Hardee’s is sending four French Maids (Sophie, Antoinette, Gabrielle and Isabelle) to cruise the country on segways. The Hardee’s French Maid team will be feather dusting fans at a variety of concerts, sporting events and festivals in 11 markets in the South and Midwest this summer.

“What do maids, toast, kisses and burgers all have in common? They’re all better when they’re French,” said Brad Haley, Hardee’s executive vice president of marketing. “Our loyal fans not only love Hardee’s food, they enjoy the beautiful women who have starred in our commercials over the years. So, we decided to take it one step farther and send some French Maids across the country to help celebrate summer and the delicious French Dip Thickburger.”

CKE Restaurants Inc., the operator of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., was recently named the Foodservice Operator of the Year by the National Provisioner. CKE will be featured on the magazine’s cover in the upcoming July issue.

Source: Hardee’s