Multivac’s Micro Miracle

Featuring a compact design and competitive price point, Multivac’s R140 rollstock system is the ideal thermoform fill-seal packaging machine for smaller processors.
As the number of niche processors in the marketplace continue growing, equipment suppliers are introducing smaller versions of their machines. Multivac reports that its new R140 rollstock system is the smallest rollstock fill-and-seal system available.
As little as 10 feet in length, the fully automatic rollstock R140 is designed to save space in the packaging environment. The machine’s versatility allows for both flexible and semi-rigid films use, and the R140 can be connected to join with a plant’s existing equipment, including slicers, coders, and labelers. The R140 can be expanded to include options such as a cleaning program and photoelectric registration. The R140 can also be made modified atmosphere packaging-(MAP)friendly, as the machine can be equipped for gas flushing for MAP packaging.
For all of the features available for the R140, its most attractive feature is its base price — $59,900. The machine’s price makes it an ideal entry-level machine for small processors, while larger food companies can take advantage of the low-cost machine to do small product runs without retooling existing packaging systems or interrupting other production lines.
“With the launch of the R140, Multivac’s legendary quality is available to more food processors and packagers than ever,” says Bob Koch, director of Multivac’s food division. “Companies taking advantage of this opportunity will be able to quickly improve their business with a packaging system that does not challenge space requirements or affordability. Most importantly, this lower price machine comes with the same reliability, service and support we deliver across our whole product line.”
Many possibilities
The following machine configurations are possible with the R140:
- Web widths – Standard: 250/285/320/355/420 mm
- Maximum cut-off length – 300 mm (150 mm with a pre-heated dye)
- Maximum forming depth – 130 mm
- Output – 1 to 10 cycles per minute
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