Sliding Into Added Convenience, Safety

New evolutionary, ergonomic slider-packaging technology available for deli meats, cheeses, and more.
Easy opening and closing features are a “must” for an increasing number of consumers who are seeking more convenience in their deli-product packaging, and Lake Forest, Il-based Pactiv offers a new solution: its ergonomic slider.
This latest in deli packaging offers many features including:
• Slider sealed in the header for safety
• The new, sleek slider design features industry-leading end-retention and preferred ergonomics
• Exposed track after opening for easy use
• Tamper-evident barrier track, which offers a second level of security
• Customized sliders are also available
Pre-made options include:
• Hooded, stand-up style with the same features as the vacuum style
• Side gusset and standard-style large bags
• Compatible to many existing pre-made fillers with minimal modifications
In regards to horizontal form, fill, and seal equipment:
• Slider and package are 100-percent sealed for safety
• Integration onto new equipment or potentially retrofitted onto existing lines
• Available with new sleek slider
Continuing packaging evolution
Press-to-close packaging has been used for cheese since 1985. By 1990, it began being used for deli meats. Late in 1998, a base slider for pre-made bags began being used. In 2000, Pactiv attached its slider to roll-stock film for Sargento shredded cheese. Then in 2003, Hormel incorporated its slider technology for some of its products in thermoform form/fill/ seal packaging. The evolution continues.
“We’re seeing the conversion from press-to-close over to the slider on pre-packaged deli meats, which makes perfect sense,” says Larry Rebodos, marketing and converter licensing manager, Hefty® Slide-Rite® products, Pactiv. “The slider makes it that much easier, convenient, and safer for the consumer.”
Pactiv’s new ergonomic slider is the most current innovation in slider technology. The company’s previous slider mechanically closed — hinges would close the slider and thread it onto the track. The new ergonomic slider is molded in the close position in one piece.
“It has better retention forces to keep the slider on the package,” Rebodos says. “Ergonomically speaking, the slider is sculpted to allow better finger recess for the consumer. It can slide open and closed that much more securely and easier.”
In addition to added convenience, the new ergonomic slider offers additional tamper-evident features.
“You have a visual on-the-shelf, tamper-evident feature with the tear-away header,” Rebodos says. “Once torn open, the slider is fully exposed for easy access. The second form of added safety is our tamper-evident membrane, which you have to pop open inside of the package to get to the product.”
One of the major differences between Pactiv’s and competitive slider technology is the competition is using peel-seal technology, which incorporates a mechanical adhesive seal.
“Our seal, which is a membrane you must break to get to the product, is a more secure seal,” Rebodos points out. “Additionally, Pactiv’s patented track-notching system allows for easy insertion onto the packaging, as well as providing a fully-sealed header.”
The future
Meanwhile, Pactiv continues work to improve slider technology on several fronts, including contaminant-resistant sliders and high-retention sliders. Looking to the future, Rebodos feels deli packaging will continue moving more to slider technology and away from press-to-close technology.
“It makes sense, especially when you consider all of the advantages sliders offer —added convenience and a more secure closure” he adds. NP
For more information, phone Larry Rebodos at (847) 482-2288, fax (847) 482-3212, e-mail, or visit