Thousands Flock to Atlanta

Domestic and international  poultry- and allied-industry personnel see the latest in equipment, packaging, ingredients, and services during the recent International Poultry Exposition.
Changes and Challenges was the theme of this year's International Poultry Exposition (IPE), which was held January 26 through 28 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Exhibitors of a wide range of products and services did their part to address changes and challenges by exhibiting  the latest they have to offer at the IPE.
The following products and services (listed in alphabetical order by company name) is just a sampling of some of the new products and services that were on display during the show:
Bizerba's new CWM Xpro system offers incredible flexibility, quick belt-release technology, and a central-control unit featuring a touch-screen control panel and easy-to-read display. A completely new drive system and belt-unit layout makes laborious maintenance and cleaning a thing of the past. Its many features combine with the CWM’s high-speed weight checking capabilities — 150 packages per minute — to offer a total weighing solution.  
Bizerba USA Inc., phone (732) 819-0121, e-mail, or visit

The new stainless-steel worm gear speed reducer from Boston Gear is the solution to fight high-powered washdowns that batter your gearboxes daily. The element molybdenum (MO) in this product is 316-grade stainless steel that's corrosion resistant. White and stainless Bost-KleenTM epoxy coatings are corrosion and crack resistant thanks to a unique water-based Bisphenol-F-type epoxy. And the QC700 Series coupling-style worm gear speed reducer is designed to prevent bacteria and washdown solutions from entering the gearbox.
Boston Gear, phone (888) 999-9860, or visit

Curwood ArmorX™ ABP® bone-in shrink bags minimize purge and optimize product appearance. They also provide a visually appealing package for case-ready products. Choose one- or two-side protection and get total puncture resistant coverage exactly where you need it. Bags are available plain, monogrammed, or printed. Up to 26 inches long; width 5 1/2 inches to 16 inches, and length 14 inches to 26 inches.
Curwood, phone (920) 303/7300, or visit

Ceamgel 1313™ is a specially processed carrageenan that does not require the heating step during processing and provides excellent yield improvement.  Important for the consumer, Ceamgel improves water retention and provides excellent freeze-thaw stability, resulting in improved “juiciness” and reduced frying and cooking loss in the end product. Important for industry, Ceamgel 1313 ensures good processing economy, lower drip loss and lower syneresis in the packaging during transport, storage and display.
P.L. Thomas & Co. Inc., phone Eric Anderson at (973) 984-0900 x 215 or e-mail (WJPG)

Dapec's Digital Grading System uses the latest vision technology to perform a wide variety pf tasks in the grading of birds before proceeding through the cut-up system. With user-selectable parameters, the system can monitor up to nine grades including missing or damaged parts, discoloration, remaining feathers, torn skin, and more. Dapec distributes Systemate Numafa B.V. high-tech poultry and food processing equipment.
Dapec, phone (800) 346-2177 or visit

Sanova is an FDA and USDA-approved antimicrobial agent for reducing microbial contamination on poultry carcasses and poultry parts and trim. It is a two-part system which uses SANOVA. Base blended together with SANOVA‚ Acid to generate acidified sodium chlorite for use in pre-chill and post-chill spray and dip applications. Performance guarantee is offered for some applications.
Ecolab Inc.. phone (800) 392-3392, or visit

FMC FoodTech introduces the ProMixTM, the next generation of batter mixers. It offers processors more capacity, easy maintenance, and improved hygiene resulting in increased productivity and lower costs. The ProMix provides the highest capacity of any batter mixer, capable of mixing capacities up to 3,000 pounds (1,400 kilograms) of batter per hour. It also has variable batter level control for half-batch capabilities.
FMC FoodTech, phone Michele Sabolich at (312) 233-1374, e-mail,

The Formax Maxum 700 food-forming system exceeds the most demanding standards. The Maxum product line offers the ability to make more with less. The product hopper tilts at the touch of a button. The state-of-the-art servo drive system produces smooth mold plate operation at speeds up to 120 strokes a minute and production rates up to 8,000 pounds an hour.
Formax, phone (708) 479-3500, e-mail, or visit

Gainco Inc. introduces its new AutoCountTM automated counting systems for faster and more accurate counting of a conveyorized stream of fresh or frozen poultry and meat items for boxing or bagging. Engineered and built in the U.S.A., these systems provide better accuracy and reduce product giveaway while at the same time dramatically reducing the labor force devoted to manual counting operations.
Gainco Inc., phone Jim Peterson at (770) 534-0703 or visit

HabaGUARD® conveyor belting contains an antimicrobial additive that prevents growth of spoilage microorganisms on belt surfaces. The antimicrobial in this belting prevents mold proliferation, the related odors, discoloration, and degradation of belt surfaces. The HabaGUARD®‚ additive causes no changes in the belt's physical properties: joining, flexibility, temperature range, strength ratings, chemical resistance, color, or surface properties.
Habasit Belting Inc., phone (800) 458-6431, e-mail, or visit

Intralox's new Series 2700 SpiroloxTM belt is the only modular plastic belt specifically designed to convey small products in spiral freezing and cooling applications. Like Intralox's Series 2600 Spiralox belt, Series 2700 eliminates much of the labor and alterations associated with spiral retrofits. This belt combines the benefits of modular plastic construction with superior product protection.
Intralox, phone (888) 388-2358 or visit

Gas stunning of poultry is gaining in popularity gradually in the United States and elsewhere in the world. The Linco Gas Stunning System is arguably the most efficient and financially viable system on the market, the company relays. Carbon dioxide offers advantages over other gases used for gas-stunning systems, the company relays.
Linco Food Systems Inc., phone (770) 844-8000, e-mail, or visit

Marel has designed a new trimming and grading flowline system for poultry breast fillets. The new Marel Trimming and Grading Flowline increases throughput with material flow automation and ergonomically designed workspaces for trimmers. The system weighs all trimmed fillets individually to predefined sizes and batches while providing individual monitoring of workers performing breast-meat trimming.
Phone Einar Einarsson, director, Marel USA, at (913) 888-9110 or e-mail

Meyn is widely recognized for its ability to support its customers in their ambition for higher capacities and increased yield and efficiency. Meyn's equipment has proven to maintain its high-level performance under a wide variety of line speeds and bird sizes, allowing its customers to achieve top-level productivity with minimal labor. The company is uniquely positioned to supply its customers with solutions that allow for truly controlled processing, connecting all departments.  This results in full traceability and sets the stage for more advanced quality management and process optimization.
Meyn America LLC , phone (770) 967-0532 or e-mail:

MSE introduces its 2005 Next Generation Sanitary Conveyors. The latest in 3D engineering is combined with their patented “Open-frame” design, which features: reduced horizontal surfaces to prevent contamination and moisture retention, tool-free disassembly for wash-down, optional electro-polished finish, “Silveron™” antimicrobial belts and components, all stainless motors and reducers, and a modular construction for easy reconfiguration. Hundreds of models and configurations are available.
MSE, phone Dan Karpy at (813) 878-2250 or visit WWW.NEXTCONVEYOR.COM

Ossid Corp. introduces the 300 S Tray Sealer that hermetically seals film to the lip of a standard, virgin foam tray and allows for higher profile package fills of up to one-and-a-half inches above the lip. Ideal for poultry and other fresh-packed meat products, this new tray sealer produces an air-tight seal for case-ready meats.
Ossid Corp., phone Jason Angel at (800) 334-8369 or visit
The Repak RE 20 offers superior packaging solutions. Features include high-quality stainless steel construction, IP 65 rating, designed for washdown, two 4-point lifting stations, superior sealing system, Omron SYS drive, Omron touch screen control system, self-diagnostic system for fault finding, easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and CE certified. Options include discharge conveyor, photocell registration, gas flushing, bottom evacuation system, zig-zag cross cut for easy-open package, code daters, and hanger-hole system.
REISER, phone (781) 821-1290, fax (781) 821-1316.
Cecure® CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) antimicrobial from Safe Foods Corp. is widely recognized as a safe and superior antimicrobial. Recent studies at Virginia Tech and Colorado State universities further confirm its broadly documented efficacy. It's available for use in a pre-chill poultry application —which equals quality assurance and peace of mind, the company relays.
Safe Foods Corp., phone (501) 758-8500 or visit
The ScanBatcher 4700 carries out any grading or batching job — even different jobs simultaneously. It handles poultry, meat, and more., regardless if whether they are fresh, glazed, frozen, breaded, or marinated. The possibilities for packaging products in batches to fixed target and count are endless.
Scanvaegt US Inc., phone (770) 536-3495 or (866) 365-0724, e-mail, or visit
The Townsend DMP (Desinewed Minced Poultry)-45 system is a profitable alternative to mechanically separated meat (MSM). Gentle compaction/abrasion keeps meat texture in tact. No excess calcium. No Smearing. Just excellent trim — perfect for use in patties, nuggets, and sausage. Three mm ground meat generated, recaptures wholesome meat previously discarded, and one loader with minimal skills can process up to 2,000 kg of reclaimed meat per hour.
Townsend Engineering Co., phone (515) 265-8181, e-mail, or visit
Wolf-tec Inc., Kingston, NY, was appointed the exclusive marketer and customer service representative for Armor Inox —producer of high-quality precision molding, cooking, chilling, and automatic handling systems for the ham and poultry industries. These systems are capable of maintaining a +/-1 degree temperature differential and +/- 1/16” size tolerance for absolute uniformity. Increased yields and reduced operational costs ensure a fast return on a Armor Inox investment.  Customer service, spare parts, and technical expertise for Armor Inox are available by calling Wolf-tec at (800) 257-4627. NP