The SNS® Bacon Slicing technology from Formax ensures superior #1 yields, uniform slice integrity, and unparalleled shelf appearance. A sophisticated system of cameras and lasers is used to scan the belly top and bottom, creating a true 3-D product image. The information collected from the image, along with the product weight, is analyzed to determine the proper slice thickness. This maximizes slice percentages, reduces waste in ends and pieces, and assures uniform slice thickness.
Formax Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, or visit

Food Safety
BioControl Systems announced that its SimPlate® Coliform/E. coli color indicator (CEc-CI) has been approved as AOAC Official Method 2005.03. SimPlate CEc-CI is a rapid method for quantifying both total coliforms and E. coli from food and environmental samples in only 24 hours. Simplate is designed to overcome the limitations of other counting procedures, such as agar plates and film methods and consists of proprietary formulations of pre-measured media and a patented plating device.
BioControl Systems Inc., phone (405) 603-1123

Sealed Air’s latest offering for the fresh poultry market is now available for club and grocery stores. The saddle pack-style package configuration, made from a unique Cryovac® rollstock material creating a new packaging format for poultry parts, offers versatility for meal preparation and easy storage. The package consists of six perforated pockets, enabling consumers to easily separate portions for meal preparation.
Cryovac Food Packaging Div. of Sealed Air, phone (800) 845-3456, or visit

Convenience Food Systems’ CFS MasterTrack determines the fat and lean meat contents while grinding. Pork, beef, lamb, and poultry can be analyzed in the same way. The
MasterTrack is fully integrated into the grinder and provides reliable data right at the beginning of the production line. Any adjustments can be made immediately and without delay, and the analysis does not interrupt the production process or affect the product.
CFS, phone +31 492 349 349, or visit

Treif introduces the Raptor dicer, a fully automatic dicer with an over-sized processing chamber that is capable of producing more than 8,000 pounds of beef, poultry, or sausage cubes per hour. The integrated lift-and-tilt device simplifies loading, and the Treif patented DHS system enables more efficient cutting and better quality output. The dicer is ergonomically designed for simple operation and easy cleaning.
Treif USA, phone (203) 929-9930, or visit

Poly-clip’s FCA3442 automatic double clipper closes all plastic, fibrous, and collagen casings up to 75mm, and more in the case of special-purpose applications. The automatic looper allows chains to be clipped in so that chains of sausages and single sausages can be hung. A voiding separator ensures clean sausage tails, and the compact construction allows for easy handling.
Poly-clip System Corp., phone (800) 872-2547, or visit

Safety Wear
Refrigiwear has added a Hi Visibility Vest to its line of safety-oriented work wear products. It combines safety and warmth with a lightweight insulated vest. An insulated knit collar and chest, and hand-warmer pockets add an extra layer of warmth. Available in sizes from small to 5XL, the vest comes in orange and yellow, and colored reflective tape can be added for extra safety.
Refrigiwear Inc., phone (800) 645-3744, or visit

Mepaco’s Model 420V continuous vacuum-stuffer removes entrapped air from both fine and coarse-ground products, which results in a firmer, denser product. Through consistency and uniformity, slicing yields are improved while maintaining color, temperature, and texture. The continuous vacuum operation eliminates the need for batch vacuumizing, which improves plant efficiencies and reduces the risk of product contamination.
Mepaco, phone (920) 356-9900, or visit

Breading Applicator
Heat and Control’s SureCoat universal breading applicator allows operators to uniformly apply pre-dust, crumb, and flake coatings to all surfaces of formed and natural-shaped products. The lifter-conveyor adjusts the density of the bottom breading bed from firm to fluffy, depending on coating requirements. Adjustable speed augers quickly distribute coatings with minimal crumb breakdown, even with delicate J-crumb and flake coatings.
Heat and Control, phone (800) 227-5980, or visit

Gainco offers a 12-inch by 12-inch model of its rugged Dura Weigh® heavy-duty bench scale. DuraWeigh’s scale design improves calibration accuracy, operating performance, and equipment durability while reducing equipment downtime, operating costs, and simplifying sanitation and maintenance operations. The stainless-steel base prevents flexing, improving weighing accuracy and equipment durability. The scale’s open-frame design allows for deep cleaning while preventing water from pooling.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit

Worker Safety
New England Overshoe offers the industrial NEOS overshoe. It uses specialized tread designs, closures, and materials that can help maintain hygienic zones in production areas and lower a plant’s bacterial contamination risk. The overshoe is worn over regular footwear, providing greater comfort, stability, and moisture management than plastic boots over socks. They are made of durable materials for a longer replacement cycle.
NEOS Overshoe, phone (800) 335-0184, or visit

Wire Belt Co. of America presents its CarrySmart™ line of spreader-converger conveyors, suitable for efficient repositioning of products. The conveyor gently moves products along a “fan-type” belt, positioning the products evenly on either side of the conveyor centerline, or along a “lane-type” belt, moving the products from separate lines of travel to one line or vice versa. The spreader-converger maintains product orientation and provides a stable surface for the products during transfer.
Wire Belt Co. of America, phone (603) 644-2500, or visit

Temperature Monitoring
Onset Computer Corp. offers the HOBO Pendant Logger, a miniature, low-cost data logger for monitoring temperatures during the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods. The logger records temperatures around the clock, and provides high and low LED alarms for both shipping and storage applications. The alarms can provide instant visual notification when temperatures go out of range.
Onset Computer Corp., phone (800) 564-4377, or visit