Bacon Slicing
Formax’s SNS® Bacon Slicing System enhances product appearance, productivity and overall margins while providing accuracy and speed. The scanning system utilizes lasers and cameras to create a three-dimensional image of the product. A computer uses this image, along with the belly weight, to calculate how to cut each draft into slices of equal thickness before the first cut is made. It ensures accurate portion control, fixed slice count and uniform slice thickness throughout the draft.
Formax Inc., phone (708) 479-3500, or visit
PackRite introduces its FreshRite 6000 band sealer, designed to deliver stronger seals, cleaner bags, sharper trimmer blades and increased production times. In addition to the machine’s ability to deliver date/use-by codes directly into the seal area and an extra-wide 3/4-inch trim seal, PackRite’s Quick-Ship parts inventory means that virtually all replacement parts ship the same day as they are ordered.
PackRite, phone (262) 635-6966, or visit
Flavorseal™ tight-weave netting from CMS can be used for forming both boneless and bone-in cooked or smoked meats and poultry products into attractive, natural and consistent shapes. Because the netting is a closely woven polyester knit, it will not cook into the meat, eliminating tears that cause costly product downgrading. It is available presoaked with release agents, with liquid smokes or with a combination of both, in honeycomb, ribbed, diamond or smooth patterns.
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales, phone (866) 769-1500, or visit
The ICA 8700 automatic double-clipper from Poly-Clip System Corp. is suited for medium-sized to large-diameter products, up to 200mm caliber. Fibrous, collagen, and plastic casings can all be processed. The machine’s fast iris separator makes the machine ideal for the production of large volumes like sliced products, moulded ham, and whole-muscle products. It also ensures clean sausage ends and careful portioning, even in large meat pieces.
Poly-Clip System Corp., phone (800) 872-2547, or visit
The DataFlex® Plus thermal transfer overprinter from Videojet Technologies offers high reliability, low cost of ownership and simple operation for high-resolution coding on flexible packaging and labels. The unit provides on-line printing of variable and real-time data, such as expiration dates, batch/lot codes, ingredients, bar codes and logos. Its direct-drive ribbon technology contains few wearable parts, which increases reliability and minimizes downtime and costs associated with ribbon breaks.
Videojet Technologies Inc., phone (800) 843-3610, or visit
Stonhard manufactures and installs a seamless, long-lasting, urethane floor that can handle both heat and cold. Stonclad UT is designed to withstand repeated thermal shock cycling and temperature changes up to 160 F without the loss of physical and chemical integrity. The floor also continues to perform under sustained temperatures of up to 250 F while combating chemical attack from corrosive chemicals, such as oxidizing agents, organic acids and solvents.
Stonhard, phone (800) 257-7953, or visit
Conveyor Belts
Ashworth Bros. has developed the first and only spiral/turn-curve belt that is NSF-tested and certified, as well as USDA-accepted for cleanability performance. The Advantage 120/200 series of belts have an open design, slotted acetal links and modules and non-stationary steel rods, creating a belt that eliminates the bacteria entrapment areas common to other modular belts. The Advantage belts can be effectively cleaned using conventional cleaning methods.
Ashworth Bros. Inc., phone (800) 662-3494, or visit
Pathogen Testing
DuPont Qualicon has released a new test for detecting Campylobacter in poultry that shortens PCR processing time and introduces quantified results by species. The new assay was designed specifically for the BAX® System Q7 instrument and takes advantage of real-time PCR capabilities. Using enhanced software and multiple probe technology, the BAX System Q7 differentiates the presence of three species of CampylobacterC. jejuni, C. coli and C. lari — in a single test.
DuPont Qualicon, phone (302) 695-5300, or visit
Liquid Traps
Magnetic Metal Separators made by Bunting Magnetics Co. are the first ferrous metal separators to earn USDA and AMS acceptance. Bunting’s Cartridge and Plate-Magnet liquid traps offer continuous permanent-magnet protection against ferrous debris, capturing even small ferrous particles and weakly magnetic or work-hardened 300-series stainless-steel fragments. The cartridge-style traps provide especially thorough ferrous metal separation by directing product flow through a tightly spaced grid of high-energy Rare Earth magnetic cartridges.
Bunting Magnetics Co., phone (800) 835-2526, or visit
CMS has published a new full-color catalog, highlighting its Flavorseal® brand of food quality and safety solutions for the food-processing, foodservice and retail markets. The 20-page catalog includes sections on Flavorseal cooking bags, shrink bags, pouches, films, netting, spices and other ingredients, cook-chill bags and accessories, and disposable food safety gloves and protective gear. Application photos, samples of netting patterns, value-added tips and more are included.
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales, phone (866) 769-1500, or visit
Packaging Services
Strategic Packaging Solutions now offers complete fulfillment services to add value to its client’s projects. The company can act as its clients’ project managers and take care of any fulfillment requirements, including co-packing, shrink-wrapping, master-loading, shipping and distribution. Those services are offered by the container or truck-load, as product is received, unloaded, repacked as per specific requirements, palletized and shipped directly to market.
The new color version of the Omron Electronics Smart Sensor, the ZFV-C, offers sensing capabilities close to human vision, including the ability to distinguish shapes and colors. The color-sensing enables the sensor to “see” images invisible to monochromatic sensors. It also makes the sensor more reliable when inspecting complex targets. Integrated color filters enable sensing of only selected colors when necessary to get a better image.
Omron Electronics LLC, phone (866) 886-6766, or visit
Security Labels
PulsLine, a tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit security label, is available from Stanelco. The label provides evidence of tampering, which can be detected both visually and electronically, in order to increase the safety and security of a product. The labels use a security thread derived from the bank note industry, which identified the products as the genuine articles. It is designed to product products in the food industry, as well as other industries, from fraud and product tampering.
Stanelco North America, phone (407) 838-1754, or visit
The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. has introduced the ETV Series 1 line of efficient, fast-moving reach trucks. There are four models, providing solutions for cost-effective stacking and handling pallets in a drive-in or racking environment, operating in narrow aisles or low-rack areas, or working in single- or multi-shift applications. Load capacities range from 2,000 pounds to 3,200 pounds, and a Curve Control feature limits travel speed and acceleration during cornering, reducing the risk of tip-over.
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., phone (888) 333-2644, or visit
A single unit that can steam-cook or roast, all in the same chamber, while still producing a consistently good color is an important asset for processors with a wide range of poultry products or home-replacement meals. The Revorack multi-purpose oven, developed by Double D and available in the United States through Risco USA, can cook at temperatures up to 540 degrees or combination-cook with a mixture of humidity and high temperature.
Risco USA, phone (888) 474-7267, or visit
Uniform heating allows Heat and Control’s AirForce® impingement oven to cook many meat, poultry and seafood products up to twice as fast as comparable impingement ovens. Independent fans mounted in the hood and base force superheated steam onto product surfaces from above and below. Regardless of its location on the conveyor, each product piece is cooked uniformly without the need to overcook.
Heat and Control, phone (510) 259-0500, or visit
Spinal Cord Remover
Jarvis Products introduces two new types of tail bone spinal cord removers — the SPC 165GTAIL (pneumatic) and the SHC 165GTAIL (hydraulic). Both tools incorporate the latest patented technology for removing the spinal cord channel in the tail bone area, including the spinal cord, sheath, missplit and the meninges (spinal cord skin). It minimizes the amount of central nervous system tissue, where BSE risk material exists, left in the channel.
Jarvis Products Corp., phone (860) 347-7271, or visit