Knife Glove
Wells Lamont Industry Group has introduced a heavy-duty knife-hand glove. The glove has single-end yarn construction that contains high performance fibers, which makes it extremely resistant to lacerations and abrasions. It has a high level of dexterity and excellent thermal properties. It’s available with a standard or extended cuff in gray or white. It’s available in sizes x-small through x-large.
Wells Lamont Industry Group, phone (800) 247-3295, or visit

Product Aligner
MP Equipment Company has introduced the MP Product Aligner. The patent-pending MP Product Aligner is constructed of all stainless steel and offers a sanitary, open frame design. It straightens up to 70 percent of strips and tenders after the pre-dust drum breader and final drum breader, improving product quality, enhancing yield and reducing labor.
MP Equipment Company, phone (770) 614-5355, or visit

Carroll Manufacturing and Sales offers its exclusive Flavorseal™ Tight Weave Netting treated to provide the look and flavor of authentic Black Forest ham while minimizing unsightly surface abrasions upon net removal. Flavorseal  treated netting duplicates the color of traditional Black Forest hams and combines it with Flavorseal smoke flavoring and a non-soy lecithin (NSL) release agent. The netting will not cook into the meat, and the release agent allows it to peel from the ham’s exterior, thus reducing surface tearing for better appearance and less waste.
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales, phone (866) 769-1500, or visit
The KNF Clean Room Products Corporation is pleased to introduce its full line of Ultraclean Film™ packaging. Kenylon film products are heat resistant, moisture permeable, and flex crack, tear and puncture resistant. They create a barrier to gases, aromas, grease and oil. Since nylon is autoclavable it offers an excellent material for sterilization applications. Kenylon films enable engineers to create bags, sleeves, tubing and sheeting in custom sizes and colors.
KNF Clean Room Products Corp., phone (800) 777-2532, or visit
AccuFill™ bagging/bulking systems from Gainco, Inc. deliver heightened accuracy, versatility and cost-saving performance due to their special hygienic design. These systems are made for the full range of poultry, meat and seafood applications including filets, drumsticks, tenders, wings and other products. Versatile controllers provide easy flexibility in program setup and operation, and a battery-backed memory has been designed into the system for recording the total number of bags, total weight, plus all setup parameters.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit

Column Lifts and Dumpers
Floor or ceiling mounted or portable with capacity to lift, pivot, rotate, and dump loads up to 5,000 pounds, Custom Metalcraft’s® Column Lifts are designed for manual or automatic operation. Lifts are available in stainless steel and sanitary designs with numerous receiver options to handle buggies, vats and containers.
Custom Metalcraft Inc., phone (417) 862-0707, or visit

The J.E. Grote Company has introduced the 613-VS Multislicer for high volume lunchmeat processors seeking to increase production yields. With the Accuband band blade cutting system, it is well suited for slicing product log ends, allowing processors to maximize yields while minimizing reprocessing costs. Slicing functions are programmable and include modes for bulk slicing, stacking and shingling into portions.
J.E. Grote Company, phone (888) 534-7683, or visit
Weber Inc. introduces the 604 Slicing System with automatic center loading, greater throughput and a wider variety of presentation styles. Touch-screen controls provide rapid changeovers between nine standard presentations, including straight or interleaved stacks; shingles; pieces; shaved; folded; overlapped; and party tray ovals or rounds. Multiple products up to 60 inches in length may be loaded through a 14-inch wide throat that can be adjusted from 4.9 to 6.5 inches tall. Circular blades slice at speeds up to 600 RPM. Slice thickness is electronically adjustable from 0.5 mm to 50 mm.
Weber Inc., phone (800) 505-9591, or visit

Vat Washer
Douglas Machines Corp. has recently introduced a specialty washing and sanitizing system for 400# and 600# stainless-steel vats. This machine lifts and inverts containers into the wash/rinse chamber and then returns them to the floor after cleaning. This upgraded design features a smaller footprint than previous models and cleans up to 20 containers an hour while conserving water, labor and chemicals.
Douglas Machines Corp., phone (800) 331-6870, or visit

Whizard Series II Trimmers from Bettcher Industries are designed for turning low-cost beef skirts and flats into high-value fajita meat, ready for marinating. Using Whizard® Model 880 trimmer, operators can de-fat and trim skirts. All Series II handpieces feature a contoured handle to reduce grip force and torque momentum. Operators can choose from five interchangeable handle sizes. The handles are color-coded by size for easy identification. A hand-strap provides operators with added control if desired.
Bettcher Industries, phone (440) 965-4422, or visit

The Flextrac Plastic Chain Belt Conveyors from QC Industries move heavier loads faster over longer distances than standard flat belt conveyors. The conveyors have load capacities up to 500 pounds and speeds up to 375 feet per minute. These conveyors are offered as standard up to 30 feet long, with lengths up to 100 feet available through special order. These features are all contained within a low 2.41-inch profile (3.03 inches at the drive end). Widths of 4 inches to 24 inches are available.
QC Industries, LLC, phone (513) 753-6000, or visit
The Pallet Jack Interface Conveyor is available in configurations with (Model 973) or without (Model 974) squaring arms to align pallets to the centerline of the conveyor. Both feature 3000-pound maximum load capacity, standard speeds of 40 to 80 feet/minute, and handle a standard 40-inch 48-inch GMA or Chep 9-block pallet. Users can drive a pallet jack onto the ramp or plates, set the pallet on the plates, and pull the pallet jack back out. Chains then raise the pallet off the plates and run it onto the next conveyor, eliminating the possibility of conveyor damage. A ledge of pit with 26 to 30 inches clearance below ground level is required to accommodate the interface.
Westfalia Technologies, phone (717) 764-1115, or visit