The American Meat Science Association has announced that Frank Yiannis, Walmart’s vice president of food safety, known for his ability to build partnerships and for his innovative approaches to the issue, will be the Food Safety keynote speaker for the AMSA 64th Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC) June 19-22, 2011 at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, serves over 200 million customers around the world on a weekly basis, Yiannas oversees all food safety and public health functions for the company. He is the author of Food Safety Culture, Creating a Behavior-based Food Safety Management System, a book published by Springer Scientific.

Yiannas’ presentation, “Beyond Food Safety Management – Food Safety Culture,” will focus on achieving food safety success. He believes food processors must go beyond the traditional training, testing, and inspectional approaches to managing risks. They must obtain a better understanding of modern food systems, emerging food safety issues, and leading-edge, harmonized prevention strategies.

Food safety awareness, the heart of Yiannis’ presentation, is at an all-time high — new and emerging threats to the food supply are being recognized, and the supply chain is becoming more global. Accordingly, food producers at every level have a growing responsibility to ensure that proper food safety practices are followed to safeguard the health of their customers.

RMC serves as the annual meeting for AMSA and is being hosted by Kansas State University and Cargill. For more information regarding the AMSA 64th RMC visit: or contact Deidrea Mabry at 1-800-517-AMSA ext. 12 or

Source: AMSA