When you walk down the long hallway that leads to its new Customer Center in the Canton, Mass., headquarters, you are struck by the proud history of Reiser. There are the framed accomplishments of 51 years of providing the highest levels of serving customers. As Roger Reiser puts it, “At Reiser our focus is on the customer, and our goal is to build relationships with those customers, gain their trust, learn their business, provide equipment solutions… and have them enjoy doing business with us – that’s us in a nutshell.”

Reiser is a family-owned and operated company, run by brothers Roger and George Reiser. They continue the original vision of the company as a selling and servicing company. In its Canton headquarters, as well in Burlington, Canada and in the UK, Reiser’s 245 employees sell brands by having “people selling to people.” As Reiser’s Mission Statement says:

“Robert Reiser & Co. will serve the food industry and other selected markets by selling and supporting equipment that provides solutions to customer needs.”

When speaking with Roger Reiser, there is no doubt that he has structured his business around his Mission Statement. Reiser sells great equipment and develops creative solutions that help make customers more efficient, productive and profitable. Reiser supports it all with state-of-the-art customer support and service. Its Customer Support operation includes:

l Dedicated Technical Help Desk team with after-hours 
on-call service

l Extensive network of field service techs stationed all 
over the country

l Comprehensive spare parts inventory with same day shipping for orders received by 7 p.m.

l The same service people serving the same customers

The 6,600-sq.-ft. Customer Center opened in late 2009 and provides the “highest level” of customer service with a fully staffed R & D department and food technologists for customers to test and develop new products and processes, along with conference rooms for on-site training.

An example of its dedication to working with customers to solve their toughest challenges is the Vemag FM250. Hamburger sales were in the doldrums because patties were squashed, flat and too chewy. Consumers wanted a homemade, tender burger which processors struggled to produce. In response, Reiser and Vemag developed the hugely successful FM250, which produces high-quality, gourmet patties at high rates of production.

According to Reiser, “Suppliers are critical to us. We are all charged with strengthening our suppliers’ partnerships.” To that end, Reiser meets with its suppliers to discuss and develop new technology based on feedback from customers. It works closely with suppliers to help engineer equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of food processors. In addition, at company headquarters, Reiser constantly looks at ways to better serve customer’s needs by adapting and integrating existing equipment.

Reiser continues to be the exclusive North American agent for:

Vemag: Stuffers, in-line grinders, formers, fillers, portioners, depositors, extruders, coextruders and dough dividers

Holac: Dicers, slicers and cutting equipment

AMFEC: Mixers, blenders, tumblers, massagers and macerators

Seydelmann: Bowl cutters and choppers, mixers, grinders, mixing grinders

Fomaco: Injectors, tenderizers, brine mixers and tanks

Ross: Tray sealers for case-ready and modified-atmosphere packaging

Supervac: Automatic vacuum chamber packaging machines

Repak: Horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines

At the end of the day, Reiser helps its customers make a better product – today and tomorrow – and helps them make it more profitably.