Cincinnati's Queen City Sausage is hosting its first-ever Queen City Sausage Festival, on July 15-17 at Newport's Riverfront Levee. The festival, with no admission charge, will feature a number of sausages, live music, games, rides and some of the city's favorite craft beers.

“Queen City Sausage is a local “craft” sausage maker whose recipes are authentic with only the finest ingredients used including hand mixed spices,” said Mark Balasa, Queen City’s marketing manager. Since 1965, Elmer Hensler, founder and president, still employs old world sausage craftsmanship and real wood smoke flavor in the company’s sausage production. Queen City Sausage is the Official bratwurst and mettwurst of the Cincinnati Reds.

The Queen City Sausage Festival will offer over 20 ways Queen City sausages can be enjoyed in most any recipe. Each festival food vendor will offer their very own specialty dishes using Queen City sausages including Super Brats, Munich Hot Metts, Smoked Beef, Swiss and Cheddar Mett Pizza, Cincinnati-Style Big Dog (Loaded), Mett and Brat Coney’s, Gyro Metts on Pita Bread and much more.  Queen City produces brats, metts, Italian, Andouille, Chorizo and more. Other festival fare includes roasted corn, potato pancakes, pizza and strudel. A special retail Queen City Sausage Shop will be on site offering the most popular sausages produced by the company. The shop will also feature a unique, new craft sausage, called the Beef and Swiss Mettwurst.

Admission to the Queen City Sausage Festival is free including continuous live, light-rock musical entertainment, rides for the children, and games appealing to all ages hosted by local charities.

Source: Queen City Sausage & Provision Inc.