Tennessee Pride has introduced a full line of premium sausage patties, which includes two healthier options: Turkey and Reduced Sodium. The Turkey variety has 60% less fat, and the Reduced Sodium patties have 40% less sodium; both products contain no MSG.

The idea for the new product line came from consumer research, which showed that those who purchase sausage patties are seeking variety, and many have a need for lower fat and reduced sodium products.

In addition to Turkey and Reduced Sodium, the unique product line includes three varieties: Mild, Maple and Spicy. The patties come in an 8-count package, which research showed is an ideal size for the typical family.

According to Larry Odom, president and CEO of Tennessee Pride, "These products answer the key needs of our customers. They feature special, all natural spices and the finest quality fresh pork to give them that one-of-a-kind 'Real Country' taste Tennessee Pride is known for. The healthier varieties are also perfect for starting the New Year off right."

The new product is being offered to all Tennessee Pride retail customers and is available in the frozen meat section of various grocery stores, including Hy-Vee, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly and Publix.

Source: Tennessee Pride