Johnsonville Sausage has introduced four varieties of Premium Fully Cooked Sausage, now available at retailers nationwide. This new cooking sausage is available in Andouille, Polish Kielbasa, Smoked and Three Cheese Italian Style.

Each variety of Johnsonville Premium Fully Cooked sausage is made with premium cuts of pork, no fillers and flavorful blends of seasonings. Andouille features a special blend of Cajun spices; Polish Kielbasa includes Johnsonville's unique combination of garlic and black pepper; Three Cheese Italian Style has a blend of Mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheese, along with traditional Italian herbs and spices; and Smoked Sausage boasts a savory smoke blend. In addition to quality ingredients and unique flavors, this new product features an innovative packaging design, with two individually wrapped and freshly sealed sausages.

"At Johnsonville, we recognize mom's desire for convenience and value, in addition to quality and flavor," said Chris O'Toole, Johnsonville brand manager. "Our new Premium Cooking Sausage is a great way for her to provide a flavorful protein as part of a wholesome meal. The individually wrapped portion packs also provide a great option to prepare a smaller meal for one or two people."

O'Toole added that the three recipes available on each package of Johnsonville Premium Fully Cooked Sausage provide a variety of answers to the ever-looming question, "What's for dinner?"

Source: Johnsonville Sausage LLC