They were already moving dirt in the Vincennes Industrial Park for a new Farbest Foods turkey processing plant as company officials, Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum and Governor Mitch Daniels attended a groundbreaking ceremony today to welcome the new facility and what it will bring to the region.

Farbest Foods Inc. announced last December that plans were set for building the 227,000 square foot processing plant in Vincennes as well as a new feed mill nearby. Expected to begin production in January 2014, the new plant will initially employ 360 people and has the potential of adding significantly more employees with a second shift.

Farbest Foods is one of the largest turkey producers in the U.S., shipping about one million pounds of raw fresh and frozen turkey products daily to brand-name food processors in the U.S. and around the world. After processing and packaging, the branded turkey products go to grocery stores, delis, restaurants, schools and other outlets.

Farbest oversees the growth of its own turkeys – currently more than 10 million per year – and the company currently produces 1,800 tons of turkey feed each day using locally-grown corn, soy beans and other agricultural products.

Farbest reports it chose the Vincennes site based on the availability of locally-grown grains; the potential for contracting new turkey-growing farms in the tri-state area; and the support it received from officials of Vincennes, Knox County, and Indiana’s Economic Development Corporation and Department of Agriculture.

In addition to the new processing plant in Vincennes, Farbest will soon begin construction on its second turkey feed mill - JFS Milling - in Bruceville, Indiana, located in northern Knox County. The new mill will employ up to 30 people at full running capacity.

Farbest reports it is investing nearly $75 million in the Vincennes plant; a projected $20 million in the Bruceville milling facility; and about $54 million in the creation of 60 new turkey-growing farms. An additional 40 turkey-growing farms will be needed when the company launches a second shift.

Farbest says it is building the new processing plant because its home plant in Huntingburg is quickly nearing capacity.

“We couldn’t be happier to be making this investment in Vincennes, Knox County, and the surrounding region,” company president Ted Seger said. “We look forward to a successful partnership that will benefit your communities, the state of Indiana, and customers of Farbest Foods.”

Source: Farbest Foods