Brazil’s poultry association, Ubabef, reported that the country’s chicken exports should increase by about 3 percent in 2013 after falling in 2012 due to high feed costs. The association is expecting better demand from countries in Asia and Africa and a greater emphasis on processed foods to raise the value of sales and compensate for the grain prices, reports Reuters.

"This year, we want to improve the quality of chicken meat and add value to exports," said Francisco Turra, president of the Brazilian Poultry Union (Ubabef).

In 2012, more expensive processed chicken products accounted for just 5 percent of Brazil's total export volume, but that amount could increase as companies like BRF Brasil Foods and Marfrig bet on processed products. Turra said he expected increasing demand from emerging markets in Africa to boost sales in 2013. Brazil also hopes to conquer Asian markets like India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Brazil is the world’s largest chicken exporter, accounting for 39.7 percent of the world’s exports. The United States is second with 32.5 percent. Brazil lost a bit of market share last year, as it had accounted for 41.4 percent of global exports in 2011.

Source: Reuters