Much has been written about the effects of excess sodium intake and its relationship to health.  High sodium intake has been directly associated to hypertension, a major cause of cardio vascular disease which is believed to result in over 150,000 deaths per year within the US.

While small quantities of sodium are an essential part of our daily diet, studies indicate that maintaining the right potassium to sodium ratio is critical to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. A difficult task, notes A&B Ingredients’ Gil Bakal, who points to statistics showing American consumption of sodium is three to five times the recommended amount. “That amounts to over 4,500 mg per day verses the FDA daily maximum intake of 2,300 mg,” he said.

“Aware of this situation for many years, we (A&B Ingredients) have sought out many product options to help combat this growing health problem.  That is why I am particularly pleased to announce the addition of Two Seas Sea Salt to our family of natural food product ingredients.”

A natural sea salt, Two Seas Sea Salt, is harvested and combines salts from two seas – the mineral rich Dead Sea and the Red Sea.  The result is sea salt containing 50% less sodium.

Bakal notes that there is substantial pressure on the foodservice industry to provide lower sodium products without affecting taste.  “Two Seas Sea Salt enables reformulation without affecting the taste profile of foods in cost effective manner.”

Among the benefits of Two Seas Sea Salt are:

  1. 50% less sodium than other salts
  2. Rich in seas based natural potassium
  3. All natural sea salt taste
  4. Trace elements from the Mediterranean region
  5. Ease of use – one-to-one ratio
  6. Kosher

Another added benefit of low sodium sea salt is in controlling weight loss. Bakal states that excess sodium intake can increase the mass of white fat cells. He says, “Sodium intake and balance acts as a crucial control not only for body systems that regulate blood pressure and fluid balance, but also for fat mass.  And, for individuals seeking weight loss, cutting excess sodium is critical.”

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