Only a few short months after being promoted within the company, Greg Ahart finds himself in a new and important role at Superior Farms where he has been employed in many capacities over the last 17 years. Ahart moves into a role as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Ahart began working for Superior Farms in the Quality Control/Quality Assurance Department eventually transitioning to Fabrication Manager. He later headed the Case Ready and progressed to serve as the Plant Manager and ultimately the General Manager for the Dixon, California facility. His most recent position was the Vice President of Producer Relations.

“Greg has a unique perspective on the industry because he is both a packer and a producer,” said Karen Ellis, V.P. of Human Resources for Superior Farms. “He knows the ins and outs of the company and he knows that sales and marketing is the area where we can see change within the industry.”

Ahart prides himself on maintaining a herd of about 100 head of competitive Suffolk/Hampshire cross wether type ewes. He cares for, markets, shows and manages his own lamb operation. In his free-time he is actively involved in the judging of multiple sheep shows on a local, state and national level as well as cultivating our youth and related agricultural programs that will bring encouragement and enthusiasm to young adults who have an interest in livestock production.

“If I want to make a difference in the sheep industry, what better place to work than on the front side of sales to help stimulate consumer awareness and product demand,” said Ahart. “I’m excited. We have the biggest and best American lamb sales team in the country. This is going to be a fantastic experience.”

Ahart currently serves as the President of the California Woolgrowers Association and the California Suffolk and Hampshire Sheep Breeders Association, as well as being Past Chairman of the American Sheep and Goat Center. He is on the Board of the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, and is a committee member of the Lamb Council of the American Sheep Industry Association.

Source: Superior Farms