Ed Jenks, president and CEO of Superior Farms announced the appointment of Greg Ahart to the position of vice president. Ahart, a 17-year veteran of Superior Farms, currently serves in the capacity of national director of producer relations.

 “Greg has done a great job in every capacity he has served in and has had a strong career at Superior,” said Jenks. “This new position will offer Greg an opportunity to move throughout the International Community and will hold additional responsibility for the development of our overseas trade.”

Additionally, Jenks stated, “Having worked so hard to attempt to secure additional foreign market access for American Lamb, it only makes sense for him to be involved on the sales side to see that through to completion. He understands that this venue will benefit all American lamb producers.”

Ahart will continue on with his current role as the voice of Superior Farms in all things related to the Producer Community.

“There’s no one more qualified to serve as the voice to the Producer community and shepherd for the lamb industry,” says Karen Ellis, vice president of HR at Superior Farms. “Greg has spent his entire life surrounded by and involved in all aspects of lamb and sheep production. His passion and hands-on involvement with all facets of the industry, makes his perspective credible because he is both a Packer and a Producer. While these two sides are often rumored/slated to be at odds with one another, Greg believes that with common purpose, communication, and increased education, both sides can work together to produce the very best outcome possible; in Greg’s words, ‘a thriving industry that can withstand the tests of time.’”

Ellis reported that Ahart began working for Superior Farms in the quality control/quality assurance department, eventually transitioning to fabrication manager. His next move was leading the company’s budding new case ready division where he enjoyed great success. From there, Ahart progressed to serve as the plant manager and ultimately the general manager for the Dixon, Calif. facility.

Ahart also maintains a herd of about 100 head of competitive Suffolk/Hampshire cross wether type ewes. In between, around and in addition to his Superior Farms’ duties, he cares for, markets, shows and manages his own lamb operation.

Ellis adds, “You can always tell when it’s lambing season. Greg is a little less visible in the office and a bit sleep deprived, but always proud of the offspring that he’s helped bring to fruition.”

He spends any additional “free-time” actively involved in the judging of multiple sheep shows on a local, state and national level as well as cultivating our youth and related agricultural programs that will bring encouragement and enthusiasm to young adults who have an interest in livestock production.

“You can’t be around Greg without recognizing his passion and commitment to agriculture and the sustainability of this industry,” said Jenks. “It was a culmination of his skill, knowledge, experience and attitude that made him an easy fit to lead our producer relation’s activities and now serve as an officer of Superior Farms.”

Jenks, continued by adding, “To our knowledge, we are the first lamb company to employ a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to lead our Meat/Animal Science and Technical Services Departments because it just that important. We’re also the first lamb company to recognize the importance of a position whose sole purpose is to work with the Producer Community, legislators and industry associations to stop the declination of lamb production and consumption because it’s even more critically important.”

Ahart currently serves as the President of the California Woolgrowers Association and the California Suffolk and Hampshire Sheep Breeders Association, as well as being Past Chairman of the American Sheep and Goat Center. He is on the Board of the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, and is a committee member of the Lamb Council of the American Sheep Industry Association.

Source: Superior Farms