Cardinal Meat Specialists continues to set trends for innovation and food safety through its Revolution Burger, recently being honored with a Sysco USA Gold Level Product of the Year Award. Sysco recognized it as the most innovative product developed and launched during fiscal year 2013.

The Natural Texture Forming process allows the Revolution Burger to be cooked at 160 degrees, ensuring a food safe product while keeping the burger moist and juicy when cooked to that temperature - in half the time of similar sized, traditional hand-formed burgers.

"We feel it truly is revolutionary in many important ways, especially the cooking temperature and the benefits that go along with it," says Brent Cator, CEO at Cardinal. "It was an honor - and a strong validation point - when Cardinal was awarded the recognition from Sysco."

Other "Revolutionary" features include:

  • The faster cook time leads to faster speed of service.
  • More even cooking due to the product texture.
  • Each strand of meat is sealed, maintaining the flavor profile.
  • The unique texture creates better "bite enjoyment."
  • Minimal processing reflects a trending consumer request.

"We've counted on our innovative food production methods since 1966 and that approach has not changed to this day," explains Cator. "We expect it from our employees on the factory floor and in the boardroom - it's an important part of the Cardinal culture."

The Natural Texture Forming process was developed by Cardinal, now distributed in the U.S. in partnership with Sysco and Certified Angus Beef, and is proprietary to the company. An important part of the process is the equipment incorporated into the making of the Revolution Burger, which is supplied by Marel, a leading global provider of advanced equipment and systems for the food processing industry.

"It's amazing how Cardinal has taken our base technology to new heights while they continually innovate on what is possible," says Theo Hoen, CEO at Marel Food Systems.

A Cardinal mandate is to always have multiple projects moving forward, with the approach that a history of success does not ensure success in the future. It's an important reason why the company invests a significant amount of resources in product development.

"Regardless of our latest innovation - whether it's through the process, equipment or food flavor - our mindset has always been the next big thing is right around the corner for this company - and the industry," adds Cator. "In fact, we have several exciting concepts in the works right now."

The Revolution Burger also win National Provisioner's 2012 New Product of the Year. Click here to read about the collaboration between Cardinal, Sysco and Certified Angus Beef. Cardinal Meat Specialists was featured in the December 2012 issue of the Independent Processor. Click here to read Cator's thoughts on product innovation and the company's new processing plant.

Source: Cardinal Meat Specialists