With so many types of burgers available on the market, it takes a special product to be noticed in a crowded field. The Revolution Burger certainly meets that requirement. The National Provisioner 2012 New Product of the Year brings something different to the burger category, both in the way that it’s made and the companies that are behind it. 
The burger is made by Cardinal Meat Specialists, which has decades of experience as one of the top burger makers in Canada. Using some customized European technology, the burger represents the company’s entry into the U.S. market. The meat comes from Certified Angus Beef, the most recognizable Angus brand on the market. The distributor for the burger is Sysco, a giant in the food distribution business.
The burger has been available in Canada for approximately three years, and in that short time, it now represents more than 50 percent of Cardinal’s business. The technology to make it has been available in Europe, but Cardinal CEO Brent Cator brought it to his production facility in Ontario.
“We changed the game by taking some of the technologies we had seen in Europe and combining that with the ingenuity of our own maintenance guys,” he says.
The burger is produced in a zero-pressure environment, resulting in a looser texture and superior eating benefits.
“You get a faster-cooking product and more even cooking,” Cator notes. “The flavor is better because it stays on the grill for a shorter period of time. The flavor profile is being maintained because the product is not getting abused by being on the grill for a long time.”
To bring the Revolution Burger to the U.S., Cardinal partnered with Certified Angus Beef. Brett Erickson, director, value-added products for CAB, noted that the combination of the two companies and the distribution through Sysco was a win for all companies involved, as well as consumers.
“We combined a beef brand recognized for quality, a manufacturer bringing an innovative process to market and a distributor having nationwide reach,” he says. “With this product and these companies, we have brought a unique mix of quality, innovation and marketing to the table.”
Doug Aistrup, director of category management, Sysco Corporate beef department,  points out that the process and the raw materials are what makes this burger stand out. 
“The natural texture forming process that Cardinal Meats developed creates a burger unique in our industry,” he says. “This is apparent in both its taste and appearance. And great-tasting burgers start with top-quality raw materials. Partnering with Certified Angus Beef on this was the right fit for us.”
Aistrup says that the response to the burger has been enthusiastic. The Revolution Burger comes at a time when premium burgers are very trendy.
“With the rising cost of beef, today’s premium burger is yesterday’s steak for many consumers, so the timing is ideal to launch this new product” he says. “It allows our customers to serve a high-end burger, with high-quality taste, without the high price tag associated with other premium cuts of meat.”
Cardinal Meats Specialists, 
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Certified Angus Beef, Wooster, Ohio
Sysco, Houston, Texas