Dietz & Watson is offering residents of the Delanco, N.J., neighborhood assistance in cleaning their homes after a fire destroyed the company’s warehouse and left the smell of rotting meat lingering in the area. The fire, which occurred on Sept. 1, was unable to be cleaned for weeks due to dangerous conditions.

But now that the building's remains have been completely removed, after more than 35 tons of spoiled meat were hauled away, the company is reaching out to neighbors to offer help with any issues they still may have, reports In a message posted on the Delanco Township website, the company announced it had set up a system for neighbors to contact one of two preferred cleaning companies to evaluate any problems the blaze caused and to provide an estimate to be submitted to the company's insurance company.  A liason will help in processing the claims.   

Company CEO Louis Eni said in the note that the firm wants to "assist our neighbors who were impacted by the fire and the subsequent cleanup.

“It is our sincere hope that this process will help to facilitate cleanup activities for those in the community whose homes and businesses were impacted by that devastating fire,” he added.