Handtmann RTE fillerProcessors of premium Ready-To-Eat pulled pork or chicken, chunky stews and meals requiring large pieces or clean-cut whole muscle ingredients accurately portioned into trays or bags now have high performance solution options with the Handtmann SV Cutting Systems that eliminate underweights and reliably manage overweights with 1% precision.

The new Handtmann SV cutting valve series operates in 1-2-3-4 and 2x2 lane configurations with height and spacing controls that work with almost all RTE tray shapes, container sizes, and packaging systems. The SV system, powered by a Handtmann VF or HVF filler that controls portioning, also eliminates the traditional need for a flow divider immediately ahead of the cutting valve.

“Its unique design insight is the SV’s sequential use of three (3) pistons in closed positions to enable the filling of an open fourth lane that’s individually portioned directly from the Handtmann filler. This maintains legendary Handtmann accuracy and increases available production speeds,” says Patrick McGady, U.S. Sales Manager.

The SV 424 also eliminates pre-batching, reduces conversion times, and features 60mm cutting and outlet diameters that make it an ideal alternative when processing chunks up to 500 grams and portioning in sizes from 500 grams.

According to Graham Dalziel, Handtmann Canada Sales Manager, “Customers are managing their weights in the tightest parameters ever, and its value is especially noticeable with warehouse tubs and larger food service packages. For instance, in one example that is pretty standard for the system, a customer’s 4.1 lb target weight is delivered with no overweights or underweights and 94% between 4.0 and 4.19 lbs. For them, this means much better line performance and a significant bottom line benefit.

“This kind of accuracy is not only a great starting result for our customers, but it can be maintained by them over the lifetime of the equipment because of Handtmann’s rigorous design, engineering and manufacturing standards that provide a great platform for managing total cost of ownership.”

Dalziel adds that “the new SV 424 features a unique piston knife that moves with a turning motion to make even higher quality cuts than a traditional guillotine shearing action.” The SV 424 piston also shakes at the end of each motion, says Dalziel, “so all portioned product is deposited, and Handtmann’s accuracy is maintained through the entire process”

“The proof of our Handtmann performance is always most visible in the quality of our customers’ products and the efficiency of their processes,” say McGady. “The new SV 424 automated cutting solution is already proving its value on both counts.”

Handtmann also now offers a one and two lane SV 425 version with 100mm cutting and outlet diameters that is compatible with the Handtmann HVF series filler and is perfect for the variable portioning of whole muscles and entire topsides into sizes from approximately 1000 grams.

Handtmann specializes in best-of-breed portioning and linking equipment, providing practical value with efficient technology and services for filling lines and processing businesses. Handtmann Inc. and Handtmann Canada Ltd. are the wholly owned North American subsidiaries of Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a leading global technology solutions provider to the food processing industry. The Handtmann group is a family owned business established in 1873 and headquartered in Biberach, Germany.

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